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Violence problems linked to nutrition

Because of all the recent violence in the news many people are beginning to wonder if there is something in our world that is causing the behavior. People are calling for better mental health screenings and mandatory mental health medications. They are also calling for gun control. The concept they point to is that if these people canít get hold of guns they wonít be able to hurt anyone. That, unfortunately, is not true. Just this morning the news said an unarmed man shot three police officers. First of all he stole the gun from one of them. If our police officers canít safely carry guns then we are going to be in even more trouble.

So, what is the answer?

The answer is to look for the root cause of these behaviors. There are studies that go back as far as 1973 pointing very strongly to nutritional deficits causing violent behavior. These have been published by folks at some of the top research hospitals in the world. To put it in simple language nutritional deficiencies can and do cause irrational and violent behavior. If nutritional deficiencies are the cause then no antipsychotic drug in the world is going to be the cure. Only good nutrition is the key.

What are some of the nutrients that they have found missing in people with these behaviors?

Calcium, zinc, potassium, magnesium and manganese seem to be missing. What seems to be in too much abundance includes copper, lead, and cadmium. Potassium deficiencies have been known to cause this kind of behavior for over twenty years.

What can you do?

Make sure you and yours are eating a healthy variety of foods. If someone in your family starts showing signs of a deficiency through mood or physical appearance you can have them tested. There are places that you can go to get just about any test you want. Many of these storefronts have a physician literally on call. If it one that needs a prescription they make a phone call and a doctor authorizes it. There are also blood based nutrient tests you can order online, without talking to a doctor at all. The kit is sent to you and you get your blood taken. The phlebotomist (blood taker) then ships it directly to the lab and the lab sends the results to you. These are inexpensive ways to prevent some pretty devastating behaviors.

The Chemistry of Man 2nd Edition by Bernard Jensen, Phd, ND. Copyright 2007 Whitman Publications.
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