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PLANT ENZYMES - Understanding the Secrets to Better Health & Longevity

Note from Carolyn:
Here is some original information provided by our founder, Ronald Schneider. This is why we carry Plant Enzymes. We have seen the difference in our personal health.

Enzymes and Minerals - The Guide to Better Understanding The Real Secrets To Better Health & Longevity.

First, let's understand, "What is an Enzyme"?? An Enzyme is a macro-protein molecule that is a catalyst for all life processes and bio-chemical reactions. This tiny protein is responsible for creating, regulating, and ceasing of every single activity that goes on in life, whether it's the function of creating cells that make organs, tissue, and muscle, or the germinating of seeds that grow sprouts, plants, and foods. 
But Enzymes don't work alone - they need activating factors and coenzyme elements, such as ionic form minerals, to carry out their many trillions of functions every second.
Let's start with something most people can relate to - Proper Digestion. Proper Digestion is the most effective way to help preserve the enzymes from being used up prematurely.
Some Statistics
Virtually everyone who lives on a cooked and processed diet wastes enzymes needlessly with every meal. And, because of this "wasting of enzymes" in the digestive process, we age more quickly, get disease earlier in life, and acquire physical impairments as our bodies degenerate. The statistics of this degeneration are;
80% or more (and growing) of the population will acquire a tumor, cancer, heart disease, or some kind of a degenerative disease in their lifetime.
People are acquiring these diseases much earlier in life today Ė as young as 2-5 years old in many cases.
Today at least 4 out of 5 people will experience some type of a degenerative disease tragedy in their life.
And the biggest tragedy of all is that people aren't aware of how they are prematurely draining their bodies of Enzymes and energy supply. The body's ability to function efficiently and protect arid repair itself is impaired because of the lack of Enzymes.
If we are to achieve and experience optimal health and an outstanding quality of life, we all must understand the damage being done to our bodies by our cooked and processed diets
every day. 
Achieving and Understanding Optimal Health
The best way to achieve optimal health is by having high enzyme levels in the body and conserving the body's enzyme levels. When the body has an abundance of enzymes, it can protect itself and repair the damage from virtually all degenerative disease disorders!!!
Water, Nutrients, and Oxygen - Three Basics for the Body to Function Properly 
Water is important to eliminate waste and impurities from the body.  It is necessary for the circulation of oxygen, nutrients, and immune system cells to all areas of the body. The more pure water (not teas or soft drinks or milk) you drink, the better your body makes use of what it needs. Because we are all different our water intake is also different. So how much water do you need? Divide your body weight by 2, and that number is the amount of water (in ounces) that your body needs daily. This is just the minimum amount needed to ensure hydration.
Nutrients are needed to supply the body with enzyme activators. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phyto-chemicals (from plants) are all Enzyme activating factors. Every single one of the body's trillions of cells needs nourishment to help keep it healthy and functioning properly. These nutrients must be broken down into the smallest possible form to be utilized by the cells.
This smallest form is an ion and is called an ionic form. In an ionic form, food particles or nutrients are small enough to be utilized by the cells for their functioning. When digestion doesn't occur completely or efficiently, nutrients aren't used because they are too big to be absorbed into the bloodstream or to be used by the cells because the nutrients can't enter the cell's membrane.
Nutrients that are not completely ionized, but are absorbed into the bloodstream build up through oxidation, causing the body to function poorly. This oxidation also drains the body's energy and can suppress the immune system. There is a huge difference between absorption and cellular utilization.  The main reason that our bodies don't function as well as they could and that we acquire a degenerative disease or illness is this absorption of nutrients that are not completely ionized because of improper digestion. 
Some Facts
         Fact: A fully active and functional immune system will protect you from colds, flus, tumors, cancers, heart disease, viral infections and related conditions and much, much more.
         Fact: If your immune system was not impaired you would never catch colds, flus, tumors, cancers, or diseases, and health disorders.
         Fact: Your body has the capability (through protection and regeneration) to repair any damage that happens to the body or cells.
         Fact: Many of the physical problems that you acquired could be healed or the occasional problems would be repaired by the proper functioning of our immune system.
         Fact: We are causing virtually all of our own disorders and diseases every time we eat a cooked or processed food. When we eat cooked or processed foods we're eating dead and denatured foods. Dead foods have no living enzymes and most nutrients are diminished significantly.
Live Food Enzymes are essential to ensure complete and proper digestion to ionize nutrients. The dead foods overwork our digestive process and deplete the Enzyme reserves in our organs and other metabolic areas. Our bodies are over-worked each and every day, eventually leading to a weakened body and immune system.
And yet, it's relatively easy to correct and reverse this situation and give your body back its ability to protect and repair itself. Only with complete and proper digestion can we reverse this problem.
Only Two Types of Food
         Raw foods. Raw foods are enzymatically alive and plentiful, which means they have enough of their own food Enzymes to actually digest and decompose about 60-70% of themselves (the foods). Therefore, the body should only need to create enough enzymes to digest the remaining 30-40% of the food into an ionized form.
         Cooked and processed foods. Cooked and processed foods are dead foods. They have no living Enzymes and no digestive help. These foods will stress the entire body and organs trying to complete the body's enzymes reserves. 
Consuming Cooked (Enzyme Dead) Versus Raw (Live Enzymes) Foods Study
"The Pottinger Cats Study" was specifically designed to show the difference between eating raw foods versus cooked and processed foods over a long period of time. It lasted for ten years, with three generations of cats being studied. Approximately 900 cats were involved. Dr. Francis Pottinger took 2 sets of cats and fed them only raw milk and raw meat. He took 3 more sets of cats and fed them cooked meat and pasteurized milk. The cats eating the raw food were disease-free and healthy generation, after generation, after generation. But, the cats eating the cooked and processed foods weren't so fortunate.
By the end of the 1st generation these cats started to develop degenerative diseases and became quite lazy. By the end of the 2nd generation these cats had developed degenerative diseases by mid-life and started losing their coordination.
By the end of the 3rd generation the cats eating the cooked foods had developed degenerative diseases very early in life and some were born blind and weak and had a much shorter life span. Many of the 3rd generation cats couldn't even produce offspring. 
The cat study helps us to understand why children today are getting degenerative diseases that used to be present only in humans who were 50 years of age or older. As a result of continually and regularly eating cooked and processed Enzyme-dead food, we live with disease and illness and age faster.
Before There Was Fire, There Were Enzyme Rich Foods
Man and animal alike could eat only raw food, such as raw meat, plants or fruits and vegetables. Raw food is alive and has live food Enzymes within the food that will help break down or digest approximately 50% of that food. When eating raw food the human body only has to digest the other half of the food. Eating food that is alive conserves the body's energy, enzyme reserves and makes it much easier for the body to function properly.  In today's world it's nearly impossible to eat all raw foods and many foods should not be eaten raw ... because of possible bacteria contamination.
After There Was Fire, There Was Disease, Illness, And Degeneration Man started cooking much of the food that was consumed. Cooking food kills the live food Enzymes in that food. All foods cooked and processed to about 1I8 degrees are dead or denatured. It is lifeless because the live
Enzymes within the food have been killed. Years and years of eating dead or lifeless food weakens the human body.  It overworks and needlessly drains the human body's power, energy, and Enzyme reserves, making it possible to acquire all types of physical problems
and disease.
Leukocytosis - Adverse Conditions from Processed Foods According to Dr. Paul Kautchakoff, the major cause of leukocytosis is eating cooked foods. His research has helped us to understand what develops in the bloodstream when we eat cooked and processed foods. 
Dr. Kautchakoff divided his findings into four classifications: 
1st - Raw foods produced no increase in the white blood cell count.
2nd - Commonly cooked foods caused leukocytosis (an increased white blood cell count).
3rd - Pressure cooked foods caused even greater leukocytosis.
4th - Man-made, processed and refined foods, such as carbonated beverages, alcohol, vinegar, white sugar, flour, and other foods, caused severe leukocytosis ... and eating cooked, smoked, and salted animal flesh brought on violent leukocytosis consistent with ingesting poison.
The bottom line is ... cooked and processed foods are harmful to the human body because they over-work our immune system cells. 
Dr. Edward Howell: Research Findings
Dr. Edward Howell was one of America's pioneering Biochemists and Nutritional Researchers. His 50+ years of Enzyme research have shown that most physical problems and disease can be traced back to one cause ... which is improperly or not fully digested food, because of the lack of Enzymes in the foods. Cold and Flu Season - Same Time as Holidays - More evidence of how cooked and processed foods suppress or impair our immune system and our health is compromised can be found during the Holidays - the things we all go through as a society every year during a specific period of time. October 31 through the end of January is considered the Holiday Season.
During this time the average person consumes 2∑2 ~ times more food, sweets, desserts, alcohol, etc. than in any of the other 9 months of the year.  The average person gains between 10-14 pounds during this period - Halloween,Thanksgiving, then Christmas and all the work or job-related Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's parties. You all can relate to what Iím saying!
But think for just a second, what else happens to our society that celebrates this Season? THE COLD AND FLU SEASON!!! The cold and flu season is at an all-time peak during November through mid∑February. Let me explain. Why would an onslaught of allergies, molds, cold, flu, and respiratory problems exist when nothing in Nature is growing? Most of Nature is dead because of below 0 or close to below 0 temperatures outside. There are no mold or allergens growing, are there?
What's happening is that our bodies are being bombarded with food, sweets, and a lot of leftovers.  Our immune system cells' activity is diverted to digest these partially digested foods found in the bloodstream. And normal viral organisms that usually aren't a problem are now able to do damage and accumulate in our bodies because our immune system activity is being used up destroying food and sugars that weren't properly digested.
It is no coincidence that the Cold and Flu Season exists at the same 3 months as the Holiday Season!! Heavy processed foods and sweet desserts actually contribute greatly to the creation of the Cold and Flu Season. 
How Proper Digestion Should Occur!
When food is swallowed it goes down the esophagus and into the upper portion of the stomach. The food will stay here for approximately 45 to 60 minutes and the live food enzymes within raw foods automatically start breaking down the food. Then the food goes into the lower part of the stomach where trypsin, pepsin, and hydrochloric acid help break down the meal. 
Proper digestion occurs when a good portion of the food is broken down within the first 45 to 60 minutes after swallowing. Cooked and processed foods have no live enzymes within the food to help break down or digest the food in the upper part of the stomach ... and this is where the energy drain on the human body starts! Even vegetarians will bring their food home and cook
it and, by doing so, they also drain the body's energy and enzyme reserves.
The Key is Enzymes and Raw Foods
Ample Live Enzymes in the upper part of the stomach is the KEY! We must have enzymatic activity in the first 45 to 60 minutes after we have eaten food or the problem will not be corrected! When we eat the cooked and processed foods that have no life or live Enzymes ... the human body has to work much harder. The body must put out more digestive juices in the lower part of the stomach, the pancreas must produce more digestive Enzymes ... and a chain reaction happens throughout the body.
Think about this every time we put dead food in our body ... the body must deal with digesting 100% of the food instead of 50% of it. This means you are doubling the body's work every time you eat dead food. The Best Solution to this problem is an effective plant digestive Enzyme.
It is the only health product that has the power to help with digestion in the upper part of the stomach and will actually help take the drain off the human body.
A Chain Reaction Occurs
When there are no digestive enzymes taken with the consumed cooked and processed foods ... improper digestion and leukocytosis occurs! The human body must work much harder and undigested or not fully digested food particles can get into the intestines, colon and the bloodstream. In the intestinal tract and colon, undigested proteins putrefy; undigested
carbohydrates ferment; and undigested fats tum rancid -- all of which cause toxicity.  These toxins can seep through the bowel wall, and get into the bloodstream. Cleansing the bloodstream leads to even more work for the human body, and draining of the body's energy continues.
What Happens In the Bloodstream
Your immune system will attack and defend your body against improperly digested foods that get into the bloodstream. The immune system doesn't recognize these particles as food. It sees them as a toxic invader and attacks and kills the invader. When food is not properly digested on a daily basis we don't get the full benefit of that food particle and we weaken the immune system by using it in a role it shouldn't be having. In other words, we are using the immune
system and metabolic enzymes (the repairers) to clean up the bloodstream of undigested food particles every day.
The Body's Two Priorities
The protectors and repairers of the human body have two priority modes. The first priority mode is protecting, building, rejuvenating, and repairing the human body, lf the protectors and repairers could only stay in this priority mode, we could have a fully functional and effective immune system! 
The second and highest priority mode is cleaning up the blood stream of particles that are not fully digested. When the protectors and repairers are called into action daily to clean up the blood. normal protecting and repairing becomes secondary!  Improperly digested food particles in the bloodstream are an immediate danger to the human body and they have to be cleaned up immediately!  
Low Enzyme Levels = Low Nutrient Absorption
Improperly digested foods and supplements can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  If our food isn't properly digested ... many of the vital nutrients within the food or supplements will be wasted. If supplements don't have an adequate delivery system, there is it good chance that they won't be properly broken down, absorbed, and utilized at the cellular level, which means they can be useless.
This situation also holds true for carbohydrates, proteins and fats - if they are not fully digested the body won't get the nourishment it needs. What we accomplish by taking digestive enzymes is this: we make absolutely certain that the nutrients and foods are fully broken down into the smallest possible size, so that every cell in the human body can benefit. There is no doubt that the foods available to us today can be 20 to 30 times less nutritious than those of 70 years ago, and this is the reason that nutritional supplementation is necessary, if good health is desired. Taking supplements that are in the correct or useable form (ionic or angstrom size are best) is a positive step in the right direction toward better health.
Nutrient Deficiencies or Enzyme Deficiencies?
If you take supplements in the correct form and eat raw foods occasionally, most people would assume that the nutrients are being utilized to give the body the support it needs. However, without the assistance of digestive Enzymes with the cooked or processed foods and on an empty stomach ... many of the nutrients from the supplements and food are going to be used for energy by the metabolic enzymes (protectors and repairers) to clean up the blood stream ... instead of supporting the body's normal daily needs. Another cause of deficiencies!
Enzymes Taken On An Empty Stomach = Detoxification
Taking Enzymes with food will help digest that food. When digestive Enzymes are taken on an empty stomach (after two hours without food), the benefits are enormous. The combination of taking digestive Enzymes with food for proper digestion and on an empty stomach to help clean up the bloodstream turns two negative situations into two positive ones. Now the protectors and repairers of the human body are no longer needed to clean up improperly digested nutrients, and they can go back into the priority mode of protecting and repairing at full strength.
In this priority mode the protectors and repairers are ready and waiting to utilize the nutrients from the foods we eat and the supplements we take. Look at all the benefits gained from taking Enzymes on an empty stomach.
Enzymes will perform all of the following functions in the bloodstream:
         Digest Proteins
         Assimilate Fats
         Increase Energy
         Reduce Bacteria
         Assimilate and Eliminate Toxins
         Eliminate Yeast
         Break up and Dissolve Uric Acid Crystals
         Raise T-Cell Activity and Production
         Stimulate the Immune System
         Shatter Crystalline Deposits
         Break up cholesterol Deposits
         Increase the White Blood Cell Size and Activity
         Increase the Surface Area of the Red Blood Cell ... making it possible to carry More Oxygen to all Parts of the Body

If you do not take digestive Enzymes on an empty stomach ...ALL OF THE ABOVE BENEFITS WILL BE MISSED!
Pancreas Exhaustion
The results of autopsies performed on people who ate mostly cooked and processed foods have shown that the pancreas was dangerously enlarged, poorly functioning, and quite often on the verge of breaking down. In this broken-down state the human body has been starved for the lack of properly digested nutrients and the human' body has been polluted with improperly and undigested nutrients that cause plaque, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and many more conditions.
The intestines and the colon are also being backed up and polluted with nutrients that could have been utilized by the body. Dr. Howell's book has an interesting note about the pancreas in animals that grow to be about the same size and weight as humans. When they're born, the animal's pancreas is about the same size as ours, but by midlife, the human pancreas is approximately 4 to 6 times larger than the pancreas of the animal of similar size.
This finding indicates that the human body has tried to adapt to and meet the demands we've put on the digestive system, by asking it to work double time every single day.
How To Replenish Our Body's Enzymes
Dr. Howell theorizes that humans are given a limited supply of enzyme energy at birth, which means there is only a certain amount of enzymes that the body can produce and it's our job to keep the enzyme supply healthy.
This situation is very similar to the fuel gauge in your car - when it says full you know you're OK, but, when it gets close to empty - you need to refuel, or the car will stop running. When the enzyme supplies run very, very low in ~he human body, we die, and there is not another chance to replenish them. There are three ways to replenish or conserve our enzyme supplies while we're still alive:
    1. Eat raw food.
    2. Take digestive enzymes every time we eat.
    3. Take digestive enzymes on an empty stomach (this little secret adds numerous benefits).
Dr. Howell says, ''If we don't replenish our enzyme supply, we run the risk of ill health." Another way of saying this is .. , the faster our enzyme supply becomes depleted, the faster we age, and the more likely we are to get disease. On the other hand, the more we replenish our enzyme supplies, we increase the odds that we'll live longer and be healthier.
Dr. Howell has also stated that he believes the underlying cause of almost all ..... degenerative diseases is the depletion of our enzyme supply, caused by diets of cooked foods, causing premature aging and early death. Here's another quotation from Dr. Howell, "We know that decreased enzyme levels are found in a number of chronic ailments, such as allergies, skin disease, and even serious diseases like diabetes and cancer."
When our enzyme supply is low, physical problems are almost assured. When our enzyme supply is high ... abundant health is our reward.
The Worst Deficiency
All deficiencies are a serious problem ... because the human body isn't getting what it needs to support all the cells and various body functions. Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies most often' are attached to or are a bi-product of Enzyme deficiencies ... because the food and supplements aren't being properly broken down into the smallest usable form.
The sole responsibility for a water deficiency or dehydration falls directly on each individual. The worst deficiency of all is Enzyme deficiency. Most of us were raised on cooked and processed foods, and from this practice is where and when the depletion of our enzyme reserves started.
Enzyme Depletion .
At the Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago experiments were performed on two groups of people. The people in the first group were 21- 31 years old. Those in the second group were 69∑100 years old. The researchers found that the younger people had 30 times more amylase, the enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates, in their saliva than the older people.
This is the reason that when we're young we can handle a diet of bread, pasta, pastries, and cooked foods without much problem. But this type of diet can cause rapid aging and depletion of our Enzyme supplies. This is a very good example of Enzyme reserve depletion. The older we get ... the more we need Enzyme supplementation.
Physical Disorders Associated with Enzyme Deficiencies and the Decreased Levels of Each Individual Enzyme
Protease (digests proteins): anxiety, low blood sugar, kidney problems, water retention, depressed immunity, bacterial and viral infections, cancer, appendicitis, bone problems such as osteoporosis, arthritis, and bone spurs.
Amylase (digests carbohydrates): skin problems (rashes, hives, herpes, canker sores), liver and gall bladder disease. Lipase (digests fats): high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, spastic colon, and dizziness. 
Cellulase (digests fiber): gas, bloating, acute food allergies, facial pain or paralysis, candidiasis (yeast infections). 
Sucrase (digests sugars): lung problems, asthma, bronchitis, seizures, hyperactivity, mood swings, insomnia, depression, chronic diarrhea, and dizziness.
Under the Microscope
If we look closely at live blood samples under the dark field microscope,  can actually see what's going on inside the blood. There are many unhealthy conditions we see on a daily basis even in people who think they're very healthy. We see red blood cells sticking together (wh,ich can be caused by very sticky undigested proteins).
Red blood cells carry oxygen, but, when they're impaired, this condition can lead to poor circulation, migraine headaches and chronic fatigue. We also see cholesterol and uric acid crystals (which can lead to arthritis or gout) and we see plaque that is due to undigested fats and undigested proteins and this plaque can lead to arteriosclerosis.
The before and after blood tests have proven that, when taken on an empty stomach, digestive Enzymes will go directly into the bloodstream and help clean up the blood, including fat and protein deposits (plaque) left in the body from years of past poor eating habits.
Building a Healthy Body
Building a house and building a strong, healthy body can be very similar processes. To build the house ... you'd need the materials, which would include the cement to pour the foundation, the wood, the bricks, the electrical wiring, and more. To finish building the house, you'd need the laborers or workforce to put all the pieces together. They include the carpenter, the electrician, the bricklayer, the roofer and more.
The same pattern holds true to build a healthy body. A healthy body can't be built without the materials, and a healthy body can't be built without the laborers or workforce. You need both to build a strong, healthy body. Water, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are the materials. The protectors and repairers are the laborers or workforce. They can take the materials and build, rejuvenate, and repair the entire human body ... and protect the body from invaders.
The Immune System protects. The Metabolic Enzymes repair. With all the diseases and physical problems in America today, it is obvious that the metabolic Enzymes and the immune system haven't been able to do their lob. When we distract the laborers and workforce from doing their job ... we're diverting their attention away from repairing and protecting the human body, which opens the door to disease, physical problems, and pain.
Most Health Products focus on giving the body the materials it needs. We need water, vitamins and ionic minerals. We also need to give the workforce of the human body back its power and ability to function more effectively. Digestive Enzymes take the drain off the workforce and give them the chance to regain their strength and focus.
Taking digestive Enzymes will help the body develop a stronger disease fighting capability and increase the body's ability to mend and heal Itself. Digestive Enzymes are the only health product on the market that can improve the drains occurring in the body. Digestive Enzymes can do as much or even more for the human body than any other health product available.,. because they help take a tremendous burden from the human body in so many different ways. Digestive Enzymes, together with vitamins, ionic minerals, and plenty of water will help you achieve the best possible health.
A Rat Study
Dr. Howell's research has shown that a diet of cooked foods causes rapid, premature death in rats. In fact, rats served a cooked and processed food diet live about two years, while rats that ate raw food live about three years. The rats eating raw food live 50% longer. 'Dr. Howell has also noted, that when the rats ate dead food .... their birth- weight went down and their body weight went up.
Eskimo Study
In Dr. Howell's book, "Enzyme Nutrition", he describes an Eskimo study completed by a journalist from the New England Journal of Medicine in the mid-1960s. Before the Eskimos were introduced to the cooked and processed Americanized diet, they ate mainly whale blubber and seal meat. Eskimos lived on this diet for generations without suffering from nutritional deficiencies, heart disease, cancers, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and many other problems that are now commonplace in our world. The Eskimos didn't have fresh fruits and vegetables available; but because there were live Enzymes in the raw fat and meat that they ate, they lived long and healthy lives.
Fat in its raw form is the best source of energy. When fat is cooked or processed it no longer has the live Enzymes within it to help break it down and quite often gets stored in the body ... This is a big reason why so many people are overweight. Fully digested fat is good fat. Improperly digested fat is a serious problem for the body.
Hog Study
A study conducted by veterinarians involved two groups of hogs. The first group ate cooked potatoes and gained weight very rapidly. The second group ate raw potatoes and didn't get fat. Dr. Howell has stated, based on his work in a sanitarium many years ago, "it is impossible to get people fat on raw foods ... regardless of the calorie intake." Live Enzymes make the difference.
People Studies
It has been clinically proven ... the more enzymes you take, the more quickly your body can restore, repair, and strengthen itself. Here are some examples:  A double blind study found karate fighters using enzymes recovered from injury in 7 days. The karate fighters taking placebos took 16 days to recover.
Dr. Max Wolf, who is a former Fordham University Professor of Medicine, who specializes in circulatory disorders, showed that 87% of the patients were completely free or almost free of
any symptoms after taking enzymes.  In a study in Qennany, patients suffering from vein disorders were given oral enzymes. 94% of the patients had completely recovered or showed significant improvement.
Car Battery
A new car battery can last a long time if it is hooked up to an alternator that puts more energy back into the battery as the stored energy is used up. The human body also needs to have energy put back into the body as stored energy or Enzyme reserves are used up. Eating dead food takes energy away from the body instead of giving it additional energy. Taking digestive Enzymes with dead food gives the body the additional energy it needs to help digest the food. Taking digestive Enzymes on an empty stomach gives the body an additional source of energy and help for digestion and repair.
Enzymes Are Energy
Every time we eat live food or take digestive Enzymes with dead food the demands on tile digestive organs are reduced ... because much of the digestive work is already completed. Every time we eat cooked and processed foods (dead food) we must use our Enzyme reserves to help digest that food. Since digestion always takes precedence over nearly everything else, many body functions requiring metabolic Enzymes are often short-changed during these times. The result is a lower disease-fighting capability and a general weakening of tile body's ability to mend itself .
Americans Need to Catch Up!
More than 25 million people in Europe and Japan have been given Enzyme supplementation or therapy with enormous success ... all with no important side effects! Enzymes are food ... not drugs! Unlike drugs that control the body's chemistry, Enzymes enhance nutrition and digestion ... 50 the human body can control itself.
Enzymes are a key piece in the puzzle of life, because they make the other pieces work. Enzymes are the very life force that activates vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other physical components within our body. Vitamins, minerals, proteins, and hormones can't do their work without.   Enzymes ... and vitamins do not deliver energy by themselves ... they require Enzymes for energy. Enzymes unlock the energy in food and make it possible for the human body to function properly. Every time we add digestive Enzymes to our foods ... we give' our body a considerable amount of assistance, instead of draining the body's power.
Achieving A Strong, Healthy Body
We must have vitamins, ionic minerals, and water to be healthy. When we add digestive Enzymes to our daily supplementation ... we can get a lot more out of the foods we're eating and the supplements we're taking. We also remove the burden from the pancreas, thyroid, pituitary gland, liver, immune system, metabolic Enzymes, and so much more.
Most raw foods have the capacity to break down half of that particular food. If we take digestive Enzymes with raw food ... we can help break down the other half of the raw food, resulting in less energy being spent by the body to get the nourishment it needs. If you want your body to be as healthy as possible ... taking digestive Enzymes with raw fruits and vegetables will help you achieve a body that is stronger than ever before.
Optimal health can be realized if we give the body the help it needs!
Reviewing the Importance of Enzyme Supplementation
         The source of most health problems can be traced directly back to improperly digested foods. Improving digestion is crucial!
         The human body is designed to break down only half of the food we eat.
          Cooked and processed foods overwork and drain the human body's energy.
Improperly digested foods cause major problems in the intestines, colon, and bloodstream. Improperly digested food particles in the bloodstream distract the protectors and repairers away from doing their job.
Fat is the best source of energy ... fully digested fat is good fat. a Leukocytosis occurs every time we eat cooked and processed foods. a If digestion isn't improved in the first 45 to 60 minutes in the upper part of the stomach ... the drain on the human body will continue. There is only one health product - Digestive Enzymes!   They will take the huge digestive burden from the human body. Enzymes are energy ... it has been clinically proven ... the more Enzymes you take, the more quickly your body can restore, repair and strengthen itself. To fully utilize the nutrients we give the body ... the protectors and repairers must be in the protecting and repairing mode.
To have a fully functional and effective immune system and repairers that have the strength and focus to do the repairs ... we must stop the protectors and repairers from getting involved in cleaning up the improperly digested food particles in the bloodstream.
The human body is totally dependent on fully digested food to function properly. Taking digestive enzymes improved digestion. The only thing better than using digestive Enzymes alone is taking the combination of digestive Enzymes, vitamins, ionic minerals, and more clean water ... then you're giving your body the support it desperately needs.
A Disease, physical problems, and pain tell us that our body doesn't have the energy to repair the problem ... and we know where the energy went ... to help digest those cooked and processed foods over the years.
Many scientistís studies have proven that oral supplementation of Enzymes builds up the immune system to fight off the worst diseases and improve the functioning of the entire body.
When the food is partially broken down by Enzymes in the upper stomach, the demands on the digestive organs and the rest of the body are significantly reduced because much of the digestive work is already completed.
The human body needs help if we are going to get it to focus on repairing and disease prevention, rather than on digestion. We all have a choice to add to the body's ability to protect or repair ... or to continually and slowly drain the body's energy and enzyme reserves. Your choice will be a determining factor in your long-term health.
Plant Enzymes, Exclusive Enzyme Formulation with GR8-CF77T1l from Enriching Gifts
         Amylase - breaks down carbohydrates
         Protease - breaks down proteins
         Cellulase - breaks down fibers
         Lipase - breaks down fats
         Sucrase - breaks down sugars
         Maltase - breaks down carbohydrates maltose and starch
         Lactase - breaks down lactose (mil~ sugar)
         Galactosidase - breaks down carbohydrates, prevents gas
         Bromelain - breaks down protein, fights inflammation
         Proprietary blend of 77 ionic-form trace minerals - enhances the effectiveness of these enzymes
As we continue to expand our knowledge base, we can all be more responsible for our own health. Personally, I have found that Enzymes are the key for my health. Millions of people around the globe have used my' GR8CF-77 Enzyme and Mineral Blend Formula. I have witnessed Astounding, Life-changing Results in most people. But, a word of caution- there are' a lot of Enzyme companies and products on the market today. Not all Enzymes are created equal and neither are formulators!
Ronald K. Schneider,
Enriching Gifts International
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