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All about Colds and Flu

If you have been reading my articles for very long you may have recognized an ongoing theme. The best way to prevent illness is to keep your immune system strong. When it comes to the cold and flu season this is more true than ever. Colds and flu’s are viruses, and there are more forms of them around than you can shake a stick at. There is no way to avoid exposure to them unless you live in some kind of hermetically sealed bubble. Since you can't avoid them you need to prepare yourself to fight them. The best way to do that is to keep your immune system strong. Two Enriching Gifts International products help you do that, in two distinctly different ways.
The Plant Enzymes take the stress off your immune system. It does this by helping your body to thoroughly digest your food, but it goes beyond that. The Plant Enzymes actually go into your bloodstream and work with your immune system to keep your blood and your cells clean. This allows your immune cells to go about the more important work of keeping your body free of disease.
The Sterol Max works on the immune system itself. It increases the actual number of white blood cells and lymphocytes in your body. It also strengthens them so they are more able to function. With a cleaner system from the Plant Enzymes and more and stronger members of the battle force invading viruses are easily caught and destroyed.
But what happens if for some reason you still get a cold? This recently happened to me. I had been under some stress, and had been traveling. Each of those can lower your immune system, but together they really do a number. Then when I got home I decided to deep clean my bedroom. What I didn't know was that the vacuum cleaner was malfunctioning. Instead of picking up the dust and dirt it was simply throwing it into the air for me to breathe. I even moved piece of furniture and got the accumulated dust from underneath it. Needless to say my old allergy to dust kicked in and gave me a whopper of an allergy attack. Since I had by then discovered the problem with the vacuum cleaner I didn't think much of it. I made myself comfortable and waited it out. Instead of going away the symptoms got worse, and developed into a full-fledged cold. The virus had taken advantage of the triple whammy on my immune system and attacked. Since I wasn't watching the symptoms closely I didn't change into battle mode until it had gotten a good hold.
Battle mode for me included increasing my Sterol Max. I had gotten complacent and slacked off on them. I went back to the original dose of six first thing in the morning an hour before eating. I also got out the Lightning Colloidal Silver. I started with a spray bottle and simply sprayed a diluted solution up my nose like you would an over the counter nose spray. Before bed the sinuses were cleared out enough that I could use a netti pot to rinse my sinuses with a mixture of filtered water and silver. This stopped the sinus infection that was brewing in its tracks. After two or three days I felt like my old self, though a dry cough lasted for about a week. During that time I indulged in a tea I found at the grocery store called Breathe Easy.
The next time I or a family member gets a cold I will fight it with a three step process:
  1. Rev up my immune system with Plant Enzymes and Sterol Max.
  2. Kill the bacteria and virus with Lightning Colloidal Silver.
  3. Pamper myself to ease the symptoms until my system can kick the virus.
It worked before (and since with people I know) so I know it will work again.
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