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This is such an emotionally charged subject that I hoped to avoid writing about it. But, it seems everywhere I turn I run into more and more information on the subject. So, without going into medical detail let me attempt to share what keeps popping up.
Cancer in all forms seems to be a disease of the immune system. Cancer in its simplest explanation is an overgrowth of previously normal cells. The human cells are constantly reproducing. For some as yet unknown reason (many theorize it could be toxins in our environment or food chain) occasionally a cell will reproduce incorrectly, causing a mutation. A well functioning immune system will notice this mutated cell and destroy it as an invader. Cancer occurs when the number of cells mutating exceed the capability of the immune system to destroy them.
What can we do to prevent cancer?
First of all we need to keep our immune systems strong. Not smoking, eating right and exercising are all good steps to take. Dr. David Perlmutter, a neurologist in Naples, Florida and the author of Lifeguide, says that taking supplements that strengthen your immunity are a good idea if you are trying to prevent cancer. Sterol Max is a great choice. The plant sterols in Sterol Max encourage the proliferation of the immune cells, especially the all important T-cells you hear so much about. The T-cells are the foot soldiers in our war against disease. Taking Sterol Max every day is a great step toward keeping your immune system strong.
Another thing we can do for our immune system is to not burden it with tasks. This is where Plant Enzymes come in. If you are not digesting your foods completely (and most of us aren't) then your immune system stays busy searching your body for undigested foods. These get into your bloodstream through the walls of your intestines. If your immune system is busy cleaning up these food invaders it can more easily miss the mutated cells in your system. Not only do the Plant Enzymes keep undigested foods out of your bloodstream but it also goes into your bloodstream to search out and digest the ones that have already gotten in there. This frees up your immune system for more important work.
Preventing cell damage is also an important step in preventing cancer. A good anti-oxidant formula goes a long way in preventing free radical damage. Metabolic Complete is a well rounded anti-oxidant formula. Some have said it is the ammunition the foot soldiers (T-cells) need to fight disease. Many people theorize that one reason our cells mutate is because the free radicals can damage the DNA of a cell. By having plenty of anti-oxidants in your system you can slow down and virtually eliminate that damage.
What do you do if you are diagnosed with cancer?
First of all I am not going to tell you not to get medical help. When your life is in danger you need to look at all options. I am not the one to tell you to ignore any of them. What I will tell you is what the experts have written about how to survive our modern day cancer treatments.
A Viennese ontological surgeon, Dr. Ottokar Von Rokitansky, has expressed two concerns about the risks of treating breast cancer with surgery. The first is the inadvertent spread of the cancer caused by the surgery itself through either missing groups of cells, or disturbing groups of cells in such a way that they break apart and spread to surrounding tissues or the rest of the body. Preventing this is dependent on the skill of the surgeon. The second risk is the impact such a surgery has on the immune system. He begins his patients on a regimen of enzymes one to two weeks before the surgery. When able he also begins a regimen of vitamin A, a powerful anti-oxidant. His patients have a ten year survival rate of approximately 75-85%, depending on what stage the cancer is when treatment begins.
Dr. Michael Schedler is a physician in Homburg, Germany who is principally responsible for the follow-up treatment of cancer patients at the university clinic. Most of his patients have undergone radiation therapy and chemotherapy. He utilizes a mixture of enzymes and vitamin A(an anti-oxidant) before and after radiation or chemotherapy. His patients show a decrease in the negative side effects of these treatments.
Radiation therapy in particular does a lot of damage to the surrounding tissues. Dr. Friedrich Beaufort from the University Radiological Clinic in Graz, Austria has studied the use of enzymes in clearing up the inflammation and damage caused by the radiation. Although his patients experience the same effects as others those effects last an average of less than 14 days in contrast to the normal 28 days of other patients.
Another source for reducing inflammation and encouraging the growth of healthy cells is Aloe Ace-Max. Like the studies mentioned above Aloe has a remarkable soothing effect on inflammation. It also is considered a cell regenerator. The Enriching Gifts method of harvesting and processing the aloe gives you a uniquely potent form of the plant. Two capsules are the equivalent of drinking a gallon of a high quality aloe juice. The question is how many of the aloe juices on the market are truly high quality? I know I for one have a hard time telling the difference just from the packaging.
Bottom line is that Cancer is an extremely scary prospect. Prevention is much better than fighting it, but if you have to fight it make sure that Enriching Gifts Plant Enzymes, Metabolic Complete, Sterol Max and Aloe Ace-Max are in your arsenal.
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