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There are two types of diabetes. They used to be called Insulin Dependant and Adult Onset. Then they were called Type I and Type II. As for living with them they can both be miserable, yet very doable. The key is to be able to monitor yourself, either by how you feel, or by a meter. They main difference between the two is how the doctors treat it. There are some people that just have to have insulin, there are no two ways about it. Most of these people were born with a problem, they had no chance of a 'normal' life. For everybody else there is a concept you need to know more about to either prevent diabetes, or to allow your body to heal itself.

The Pancreas is the organ that produces insulin, but that is not its primary function. Its primary function is to produce the enzymes needed to digest your food. I call it the primary function because if it is unable to produce enough enzymes it will steal from the insulin producing cells, turning them to the function of producing enzymes. This switching is hard on the pancreas, it loses its efficiency in producing enzymes. Sometimes it will get larger in an effort to create more enzyme producing cells. Sometimes it will continue to steal insulin producing cells. Either way backfires and causes the roller coaster of high and low blood sugar associated with diabetes.

So what can be done?

A saying I have heard recently and really love is “The only thing able to heal your body is your body.” The concept here is that medicines can treat symptoms, but very rarely can they actually heal. The closest is antibiotics, and even there they are not actually healing, they are killing off the germs that are attacking the body. But, if you take away the cause of harm, and give the body the right building blocks (nutrients) the body is an amazing thing. It can actually heal itself. So, in the case of diabetes what is the body lacking? Many people would say insulin, but ask any diabetic if the inclusion of insulin has made the diabetes go away. Instead, let's take the strain of digestion off the pancreas. First we include enzymes in the diet. That will lower the amount of enzymes the pancreas has to make. Then we lower the strain of digestion even more, let's add a juicing diet. Notice I didn't say a 'juice' diet. Unlike I was taught there is a big difference in the store bought juices and fresh made juices made with a juicer. Using organic fruits and vegetables makes it even better. To make sure you are getting enough protein you can add a good protein powder to the mix, but be careful not to over do it.

So now you have taken the stress off the pancreas and let it rest. What more can you do? Adding Aloe Ace-Max to your daily regimen can help with the healing process. Aloe allows cells to regenerate at a much faster pace, and reduces inflammation in the process. Metabolic Complete is another good product to add. It supports cell function by increasing the nutrients delivered to the cells. It oxygenates the blood while at the same time reducing antioxidant damage.

So there you are. A way to allow your body to rest, while providing everything it needs to heal itself. Is this guaranteed to work every time? Is anything in life truly guaranteed? Yet, there are many people walking around without diabetes medication because they took these simple steps.

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