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Beat Stress By Embracing Nature In The Great Outdoors

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Beat Stress By Embracing Nature In The Great Outdoors

Beat Stress By Embracing Nature In The Great OutdoorsEach year, one in five American adults experience a mental health condition, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Stress is one of the nationís biggest mental health concerns, with Gallup finding that 79% of Americans feel stressed every day. Many will turn to prescription medication or therapy to aid their recovery, however, there is a much more natural approach which could benefit those with stress. Spending time in the great outdoors alongside Mother Nature can reduce the bodyís cortisol levels and thus lower stress levels. Therefore, if stress is getting on top of you, itís time to get outdoors and be at one with nature.

A calming effect

Stress is caused when a stressor triggers a fight-or-flight response. Typically, youíll feel on edge, anxious and a sense of panic, which is why itís wise to take a B-Complex Plus vitamin on a daily basis to relieve these feelings. Additionally, taking time out and heading outside is the perfect way to enhance your mood. By doing this, youíll grow increasingly relaxed and your body will cope much better with the stressor. Research conducted by Chiba University backs up this theory. In their study they had one set of participants walk in a city center and another through a forest. Their findings revealed that the individuals who enjoyed a stroll through the forest had 16% less cortisol, a 2% decrease in their blood pressure and a 4% decrease in their heart rate.

Maximize your time outdoors

To truly beat stress you need to spend a significant amount of time with nature. Therefore, camping is the perfect solution as it allows you to spend a night under the stars in a relaxing and calming atmosphere. Each year 77 million U.S citizens go camping. But, before you head to your nearest campsite, be sure youíre prepared for your trip to keep your stress levels at bay. Youíll need a good quality tent, sleeping equipment, and survival gear to get the most out of your camping trip. For new campers, consider a ready-made camping survival box as itíll have everything you need within in it, meaning thereíll be no stressful shopping trips to endure. And, to further repair your stress levels, use natural Sweet Dream Strips under your pillow or sleeping bag for a good nightís sleep.

Stay active

Regular exercise is the key to tackling stress. Studies have shown that those who regularly participate in vigorous activity are 25% less likely to develop depression or an anxiety disorder. But, what if exercising outdoors could boost your mental health even further? Research conducted by Thompson Coon et al found that working out alongside nature boosts greater benefits for anxiety disorders than working out at an indoor gym does. Therefore, when you next feel your stress levels rising, grab your running shoes and head to the park.

Stress affects a large proportion of the nation. However, the good news is that it can be alleviated by spending time in the great outdoors. Nature provides a calming effect which can be maximized by devoting long periods of time to it. To do this, simply opt to spend a night camping and move your regular fitness regime from inside to out.

Article by Jennifer Dawson

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