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The EGI Fundamental Five products, used in combination, will bring about optimal health by helping eliminate toxins and allowing the body to build the immune system.

1. Digestion - Plant Enzymes
Food is converted into substances that can be absorbed and assimilated at the cellular level. Every cell in our body relies on the efficient digestion of our food. Our body cannot digest cooked and processed food. Lack of digestion and elimination is the cause of virtually all degenerative diseases.
  • COMBINATION of 9 plant-based enzymes with enzyme activating form minerals.
  • SUPPLIES complete digestive enzyme complexes that promote healthy digestion
  • REDUCES the burden of digestion off the body 
  • INCLUDES a delivery system that ensures enzyme activity in all stages of digestion and body PH ranges
  • SUPPORTS proper digestion which enhances health
  • REDUCES time between bowel eliminations thereby reducing toxicity buildup.
2. Immune System - Sterol Max
An integrated body system which neutralizes potentially pathogenic organisms or substances while defending the body against foreign invaders that may cause diseas. The health of the body is dependent on the immune system's ability to recognize and then repel or destroy these invaders. Made from naturally harvested plant sprouts that have been certified 100% organic. Sterols and its critical glucoside component, sterolins, enhance the ability of T-cells to divide, thereby increasing the number of T-cells in our defenses. Sterols also help regulate B-cell imbalance, triggering a dysfunctional autoimmune disorder to function normally.
  • HELPS REDUCES cholesterol in the blood stream and may reduce further absorption if taken with a meal
  • SUPPRESSES cortisol secretion by the adrenal gland, responsible for stress related disorders and inflammation
  • REGULATES overproduction of B-cells (lymphokines) which promote the functions of T-cells, thus making antibodies which are responsible for auto-immune symptoms 
  • REDUCES time between bowel eliminations thereby reducing toxicity buildup
3. Cleansing - Daily Detoxification
Cleansing is needed to remove toxic elements and pollutants from the body. When your body is clean, the overall function will be more efficient. Daily Detoxification reduces toxicity that accumulates in your bowel and G.I. tract from consuming processed foods of any kind. It also supports the elimination of parasites as well as harmful G.I. bacteria, and has a complete herbal blend that supports daily intestinal, liver and colon cleansing and elimination. Daily Detoxification is a mild herbal cleansing formula, not a laxative.

4. Intestinal - Pro Biotic with FOS
Bacteria and micro-organisms that normally inhabit the small and large intestines are important for the final stages of digestion and the elimination of waste. Having 'friendly' bacteria in the intestines is one of the keys to boosting the immune system.
  • ACTS on the body’s ‘second immune system’
  • PROVEN to increase digestion and elimination of toxic waste 
  • HELPS SUPPORT and produce enzymes which are essential to proper intestinal function
5. Vitamins - Complete Vitamins - Plus
Are you taking too many supplements to achieve better nutrition? Is your cost for those supplements too high? Formulated to counteract the exposure to oxidants and oxidative stress. Complete Vitamins-Plus is a comprehensive vitamin, mineral, antioxidant and anti-aging formula.

Complete Vitamins Plus - 150 capsules - Enriching Gifts Daily Detoxification - 60 capsules - Enriching Gifts Plant Enzymes - 180 capsules - 150mg - Enriching Gifts
A comprehensive Vitamin, Mineral, Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Aging formula supplement. A complete herbal blend designed to support daily body cleansing and elimination. Exclusive enzyme formulation with GR8-CF77™. 180 count bottle.
Plant Enzymes - 270 capsules - 400mg - Enriching Gifts ProBiotic with FOS - 90 capsules - Enriching Gifts Sterol Max - 90 capsules - Enriching Gifts
Exclusive enzyme formulation with GR8-CF77™. 270 count bottle. Contains 8 strains of friendly bacteria - replenishes friendly flora bacterial. 133 double blind studies show that Sterols relieve degenerative conditions.
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