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Best natural detoxification methods

We hear a lot about detoxifying.

It is a subject that our great grandmothers didnít put in their journals. Since they are not here to ask we will have to speculate that they either didnít think it was an appropriate subject, or they didnít see the need for it. With everything we touch, eat, drink or breathe adding toxins to our bodies it is something that us modern people need to think about.

Does detoxifying mean that you have to take nasty concoctions that cause cramping and diarrhea?

No! The best detoxifiers are the ones you can take every day. They are the foods you eat, but just chosen a little more carefully than the average meal. They are the vitamin supplements that you take to feed and support your detoxifying organs. They are the water you drink to help your body flush out the toxins stored there.

Why do we need to detox?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article our world is a lot dirtier than it used to be. If we drink tap water, commercially grown coffee, tea, fruit juices, sodas, sports drinks or alcohol we are putting toxins into our bodies. If we eat processed foods, commercially grown foods, restaurant foods, fast foods, or any type of convenience foods (even the supposedly healthy ones) we are putting toxins into our body. If we live anywhere on this planet we are breathing toxins. The closer to a city the worse it gets. If we use commercially prepared soaps, toothpaste, antiperspirants, perfumes, makeup, moisturizers, most lip gloss or lip sticks we are putting toxins into our bodies. In short, we are putting more garbage in than our bodies are designed to handle, much more than our great grandmothers ever did.

Foods are a great way to detoxify, if you purchase clean foods and/or organic ones. There are a few listed on EWGís clean fifteen list that donít need to be organic.

Best detoxification foods include:

Globe artichokes
Dandelion leaves (make sure they are not covered in pesticides, herbicides or car exhaust)
Raw sesame seeds (make sure they are organic)
Broccoli sprouts
Green leafy vegetables
Apple Cider Vinegar
Coffee (used as an enema)

Best detoxification herbs and supplements include:

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Milk thistle
Bee Propolis
Burdock Root
Psyllium Husk
Cascara sagrada

Best detoxification minerals include:

Bentonite clay
Zeolite clinoptilolite (tiny lava minerals)
Activated charcoal
Epsom salt

More active ways of detoxifying include exercise (especially to the point of sweating) and saunas. Hot tubs donít work as well, and neither do steam baths, but they would be better than sitting in front of the television.


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