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Modern Western diet leads to allergies in children

Note from Carolyn:
So many mothers give in to their children’s poor eating habits because they don’t want to ‘deprive’ them of what they think is a normal part of childhood. The sad part is that junk food has only been normalized in the last 50 years. Before that sweets and processed foods were a rarity. Even the sweets our grandparents served were different than they are now. Most of them were plant based such as fruit pies. Even in families where sweets were eaten the basic diet was more fruit and vegetable based than we have now. Also, the fruits and vegetables were of better quality.
So what’s a mother to do? One thing would be to provide their picky eater with a good quality pro biotic. Many think this means something made for kids, like those in a gummy bear shape. You could also use the ProBiotic with FOS. If your child is too young to swallow the capsule just open it and mix the powder with their food. .
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A team of researchers from Florence University in Italy have found that the modern Western diet of high-sugar, low-fiber processed foods is contributing to allergies and other problems not seen in those who eat more primitive diets. According to study results, junk foods alter beneficial gut bacteria, which in turn disrupts normal digestive function.

Compared to children in a small village in Burkina Faso, Africa, who eat primitive diets, children in industrialized countries who consume lots of modern junk food are more prone to allergies, based on study findings. In fact, the bacterial compositions found in junk food-eating children are actually causing obesity, allergies, eczema, inflammation, autoimmune disorders and other illnesses.

Primitive diets composed mostly of cereals, beans, nuts and healthy vegetables -- the kind eaten by the African children -- help to properly balance gut bacteria. But diets rich in bad fats and processed sugars -- the kind eaten by most industrialized children today -- disrupt this healthy bacteria and replace it with harmful bacteria.

Interestingly, only industrialized children who were still being breastfed by their mothers had a bacterial composition that even somewhat resembled the composition of what the African children had. The rest had an entirely different bacterial makeup in their systems.

According to the report, gut bacteria is a vital "organ" that processes food, protects the body from disease and inflammation, and maintains health and immunity. When this bacteria is disrupted by regular consumption of bad foods, the floodgates are thrown wide open for disease to proliferate in the body.

"The gastrointestinal microflora plays a crucial role in the pathogenesis of [inflammatory bowel disease] IBD and recent studies demonstrate obesity is associated with imbalance in the normal gut microbiota," researchers explain in their study paper.

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