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Acne has long been thought of as a young person’s problem, but many women have a reoccurrence around the start of menopause. Other people, both men and women tend to have problems their whole life. The people who have acne their whole lives were thought to be proof that the ‘hormone theory’ of acne to be incorrect. Other theories I was given as a teenager was that I didn’t keep my skin clean enough, that one has been proven wrong by the poor girls whose face is red and cracked from over cleaning and over drying, yet still have the outbreaks. I was told fatty foods could cause acne, new evidence is showing this holds some water, but not in the ways I thought of back then.
My Wholistic Rejuvenation instructor, Dr. Gloria Gilbere, said that most skin eruptions are the result of the body trying to push toxins out. My personal experience (remember I am not a doctor) is that the answer may lie somewhere in the middle of all of these.
One of my books explained that it isn’t the amount of hormones raging through our systems that causes the eruptions, but rather the fluctuations in those hormones. This makes sense that during adolescence and the onset of menopause that we would have troubles. Both of these stages in a woman’s life are times of hormonal fluctuations as the body tries to switch gears either into or out of the reproductive stage of our lives. But what about those that have it all the time? This was explained that having a healthy body promotes a healthy hormone balance. If your body is weakened by poor nutrition or disease then your endocrine glands can get out of balance. Trying to rebalance themselves can lead to the wide fluctuations that can cause acne.
If this is the case then what can we do?
All the ‘treatments’ we hear of attack acne from one of two ways, either anti-inflammatory or anti-bacteria. All of the washes and tonics sold for the exterior of the face tend to fall into one of these categories. As a teenager I was put on tetracycline. The purpose of this was to cut down on the overall bacterial load of my body. There was no follow up to introduce good bacteria back into my digestive tract after I came off of it. The only concern expressed to my mother (not to me, I was just told to take the pills) was that they don’t completely destroy my liver in the process. I will always wonder if this round of anti-biotics that lasted almost a year didn’t somehow set me up for the food allergies I had later in life.
If a doctor today insisted that I needed to ‘lower my bacterial level’ in order to get rid of my acne I would use two of the Enriching Gifts products to accomplish the same thing. First I would take Lightning Colloidal Silver internally. This would lower the bacterial load naturally, without the harmful side effects of anti-biotics. The next thing I would do would be ten days after stopping the Lightning Colloidal Silver I would start taking the ProBiotic with FOS to reintroduce the good bacteria that we all need for good digestion and good health. This would create a clean slate, and then fill it up with good things, not leaving enough room for the bad things to be written on it. At the same time I would use the Lightning Colloidal Silver diluted, as a tonic for my face, or anywhere the acne is troubling me. You can use the Lightning Colloidal Silver externally without having to worry about killing the good bacteria in your system.
Have you ever noticed that a truly healthy person doesn’t seem to have skin problems? This goes back to that theory of hormonal balance. If your liver is strong and functioning properly it plays a vital role in keeping your endocrine glands healthy. The endocrine glands are the ones that keep your hormones in balance. To keep your liver healthy you first need to detoxify it. One of the ways of doing that is Daily Detoxification this gentle mix of herbs cleans out your digestive system and your liver.
After you detoxify you need to rebuild. This is where the rest of the Enriching Gifts product line comes in handy. The Plant Enzymes aids in your digestion, and helps your liver from becoming overworked, or clogged, again. Feed your body with the vitamins and minerals included in the Complete Vitamins Plus. This will give your body, the nutrients it needs to thrive. Many times when our bodies are run down we need a good anti-oxidant. One of the best is Metabolic Complete. The purpose of an anti-oxidant is to fight the damage caused by the food we eat and the air we breathe. We are bombarded by toxins on a daily basis; anti-oxidants such as Metabolic Complete are our way of fighting back.
Will taking this assortment of products really get rid of your acne? Not alone, you will still need to eat a diet that reduces the toxic load on your body. This would be a diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably from an organic source. Along with these you can have some high quality meats that don’t contain hormones and anti-biotics, and some of the good quality fats. What you will want to avoid is anything containing white flour or sugar, trans fats, or chemicals masquerading as food. All of these are hard on your digestive system and liver.
It may take some time before your body adjusts and becomes healthy enough to be seen in your skin. Good health doesn’t happen overnight. In the meantime continue gentle cleansing of your skin. Avoid oil based cosmetics. Use a mildly astringent topical treatment. One that sounds really good is to make a mask out of fresh strawberries.
I rarely have a breakout, but when I do I usually realize that my stress level has been high, and my food quality has been low. Because I generally take good care of myself all it takes is a dab of Lightning Colloidal Silver followed by a natural astringent such as lemon juice. In a couple of days the blemish is gone, and my skin is clear again.
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