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GMO foods cause weight gain and health problems!

There is compelling new evidence that the quality of the food we eat is important to our overall health and weight control efforts. Non organic foods and beverages, and even our tap water can provide us with ten or more pesticides every day. Most of these pesticides are endocrine disruptors. Our endocrine system is one of the major systems in our body for weight control and reproduction. Disrupting it has been shown to increase obesity, decrease reproductive health and decrease overall health.

The biggest problems are the GMO foods.
GMO stands for genetically modified organism. The most problematic foods on the market today are corn, soy, wheat and canola. Because many of our meats and dairy use these plant products (along with things that would turn your stomach) as feed, our meats and dairy are laced with GMO by-products. These have been strongly linked to tumors and cancers.

Eating foods that have been processed, or denatured, takes the nutritional value out of them. This increases uric acid (think arthritis and gout) as well as raising blood pressure,and injuring the liver and kidneys. If you have ever known anyone with kidney stones or that has undergone dialysis it is not a pleasant thought.

Many people will look at the way they are eating and think they are doing just fine, because they don't have an immediate symptom the minute they put the food in their mouth. The problem with that reasoning is the effects are accumulative.

In fact, they even effect the next generation that isn't born yet.
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