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We have recently had a scare about salmonella poisoning in eggs. Salmonella is a common food borne illness. Typically Americans get some form of food borne illness every year. Most of the time we don’t even realize we are sick. We have all heard the phrase ‘dinner isn’t sitting well’. Sometimes that is the extent of the illness. Other times we spend a day or two sitting on the toilet and we wonder what we ate that caused it. Most of the time food poisoning is a discomfort and an inconvenience. There are times that it can be serous, even deadly. Those that have extreme reactions usually have something else going on in their lives that have lowered their body’s ability to fight. They can be young and their immune system isn’t developed yet. They can be older and have worn out their immune system. They can be any age and have a compromised immune system through accident, illness or improper nutrition. These are the ones that make the headlines. The headlines are what drive the fear home in all of us. The fear is what gives our government the power to make laws that might keep us safe from that particular illness, but may have untold side effects that can cause us major illness and earlier death later on in our lives.


The news media and some government officials are calling for pasteurization of all eggs to protect the general public. The problem with this is that pasteurization will kill some of the beneficial properties of the food. It has happened in the mild industry. Studies show that raw milk is extremely healthy, while pasteurized milk has lost a lot of those properties. Yet, with ‘factory farming’ of cows it is not safe to have raw milk sitting on the grocery store shelves. At least that is what they are telling us. The reported incidences of food borne illness from any organically grown animal are extremely small. My solution is to buy locally grown organic eggs from free range chickens.

My other solution is to keep my immune system strong. I do this with a combination of the Plant Enzymes, the Complete Vitamins Plus, and the Sterol Max. For optimum health I include the Heart Algae or the Metabolic Complete on a daily basis. This may sound like a lot of capsules, and some days it feels like it, but for me it is worth it. I have clients in their 70’s that used to take medications. Now they just take the Enriching Gifts Products already mentioned. Their doctor’s can’t believe how healthy they are. One of them just came back from visiting family and said their family couldn’t get over the difference in them.

If it happen

Even the best nutritional foundation is not going to completely prevent the occasional upset. When it happens I reach for either the Lightning Colloidal Silver or the ProBiotic with FOS. They work differently, and I use either one or the other, never both together. The Lightning Colloidal Silver would be used with the thought of directly killing any bacteria, virus or fungus you have in your system. You would later follow up with ProBiotic with FOS to repopulate your system with the good bacteria your body thrives on. The ProBiotic with FOS works differently. By flooding your body with good bacteria you crowd out and eliminate the bad bacteria without upsetting your body’s balance.

Ron Schneider tells a story about ProBiotic with FOS. He always travels with a supply of Enriching Gifts Products. I have learned from him to do the same. One time when he was in India he went out to eat with the business people he had traveled to see. Before the meal was even over they were all experiencing the first symptoms of food poisoning. Each of them went their separate ways and dealt with it in their normal fashion. Ron went up to his hotel room and took what he describes as a ‘handful’ of ProBiotic with FOS. Now, as a former body builder, Ron is a big man, with a big hand. I would estimate he took ¼ to ½ of a bottle of ProBiotic with FOS. Within half an hour he was feeling fine. One of the other people at the table was sick for two weeks; another one spent a few days in the hospital, and a third one spent over a week in intensive care. I think I want to follow Ron’s example.

Can we always avoid illness? No, not really. Can we set up our bodily systems to be able to better take care of us when we do get sick? You bet! Proper nutrition, exercise, and proper supplementation are key factors in doing just that. Do we need to be afraid of food borne illness? Only if your immune system is already impaired. Should our government protect all of us from food borne illness, possibly at the expense of our overall freedoms and health? That is a question for each of us to answer personally. I would rather have the freedom to fail, than to never have the freedom to try to succeed.

Understanding Normal and Clinical Nutrition, Fifth Edition by Eleanor Noss Whitney, Corinne Balog Cataldo and Sharon Rady Rolfes. Copyrighted 1998 by Wadsworth Publishing Company.
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