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You found what in my food

There seems to be an explosion of incidences where companies put things in the ‘foods’ they make that shouldn’t be there.

One of the recent revelations is the material that makes yoga mats found in the Safeway Breads. Even though it is getting a lot of press it really is just the tip of the iceberg.

‘All natural’ teas were found to be loaded with pesticides. This was not some unknown, fly by night tea maker. This was the well-known Celestial Seasonings. The tests were done by an independent laboratory with no benefit from the outcome of the tests.

Another ‘all natural’ product, this time yogurt, was found to be using ground up cochineal beetles as a food coloring. Yes, bugs are natural. But do we really want them in our food? Especially when that inclusion is on purpose? It has also been used in some coffee products. That same yogurt was also found to have artificial flavors, genetically modified organisms, and aspartame.

Most people think that almond milk is a great replacement for cow’s milk. A cup of almond milk contains a hundred calories less than a cup of whole mile. It also doesn’t contain cholesterol or lactose. What is does contain are vitamins and minerals that are good for the body. And, by the way, many brands contain carrageenan, which causes gastrointestinal inflammation and cancer. Don’t even get me started on the meats! The FDA is now admitting that conventionally (factory) grown chicken contains arsenic. In large doses it is an immediate killer, but in small doses it only causes cancer, so they claim it is safe for human consumption.

The beef isn’t safe either.

Confined animal feeding operations, the way most beef is raised, have been using a drug called zilmax (and others like it) to get the animals to grow faster. These stay in the meat, causing us to ‘grow’ as well. In addition to that there is cardiovascular health risks linked with these drug tainted meats. These steroids found in the meats have also been linked to infertility, and breast cancer.

Many of the mainstream breakfast cereals are showing up with low levels of heavy metals. What are of even more concern are the pesticides, herbicides, and GMO’s that were found in them.

Unfortunately these are just examples of the things found in our modern food supply. The safest way to eat is to grow your own. If you can’t do that then have it grown by someone you trust. The closer you can look that person in the face the safer your food supply is going to be.

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