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Coconut Oil Brings Natural Deep Hair Conditioning

Note from Carolyn:
I love Coconut Oil and use it for many different purposes. It is a healthy oil that is great for cooking because it has a higher smoke point than other oils. It does not work well for making mayonnaise and sauces, unless you use them up in one sitting. Refrigerating the leftovers makes them solidify and separate. I use it as a moisturizer, for both body and hair. For dandruff I also use a few drops of Lightning Colloidal Silver mixed with water as a final rinse. This way the silver stays on your scalp and continues working. If you have a candida problem you will want to do more than put coconut oil on your scalp. Modify your diet to get rid of all types of sugars, they feed the candida. Then think about taking Lightning Colloidal Silver internally. It kills the candida throughout the body. Make sure you follow it up with ProBiotic with FOS, because the silver will kill the good bacteria as well and the bad bacteria and fungus.
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If you're looking for a deep hair conditioner that's chemical free, look no further than virgin coconut oil. Coconut oil is one of the best hair conditioners around and if it's virgin and organic, it's chemical free. Coconut oil can literally bring softness back to your hair - and part of its power lies in its disease fighting medium chain fatty acids. Coconut oil's unique fatty acids have a very small molecular structure and just as they can pass freely into the cell of a virus to destroy it, they can also pass easily into your hair's cell membrane. This allows the nourishing oil to penetrate your hair's shaft - and literally brings deep conditioning from within. While other conditioners work from the outside in, coconut oil is able to work from the inside out.

Another key benefit of coconut oil is that it contains plentiful antioxidants to protect from free radical damage, including heat and environmental damage. Most commercial conditioners use processed vegetable oils that actually create free radicals and are completely stripped of their original antioxidant power.

Massaging the oil into your scalp is powerful too. Coconut oil is nourishing for your scalp and because the oil is a natural antifungal, coconut oil can offer relief from dandruff conditions. Dandruff is often caused by an internal fungal condition that reaches the scalp, called candida overgrowth. With regular use, coconut oil can kill the fungus in the scalp and dandruff issues can be eliminated. Then, you can say good-bye to chemically oriented dandruff shampoos that - like all chemicals - add to your body's toxic burden.

Because coconut oil readily absorbs into the skin, when it's applied to your scalp, it also absorbs into your blood for a quick dose of a powerful natural antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial - and one that germs and bugs don't build immunity against. Most people would agree that that's not a bad thing to be doing regularly in the days of super bugs and regularly compromised immune systems. To enhance this effect, you can also use the oil on your entire body instead of chemical-based lotions. Just apply a little head to toe after your shower, rub it in, and let it absorb a few minutes before toweling off.

For deep hair conditioning, use a teaspoon or two on damp hair and leave it in as long as possible. A few hours is helpful but if you leave it in overnight - or even a few days - you'll really start to see results. This deep conditioning can be done as often as once a week and you may need to wash your hair a couple times to remove all of it. Know that coconut oil can stain fabric though, so be sure to protect your clothes and bedding.

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