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Home Remedies

Things look pretty easy when we start out to take control of our lives, including our health. You simply begin leaving bad foods off your plate and eat the good foods instead. Then you add a little bit of high intensity exercise in with your normal aerobic exercise. But, what happens if you are faced with an injury or illness that you would usually take to your MD? Do you then hesitate to turn the reigns of your life over to this person, even for a little while?

There are times when the very best thing we can do is to run to modern medicine, fast! Then there are other times that with a little knowledge and forethought we can save ourselves the time and expense of going to the emergency room or urgent care facility. One such incident recently happened to me.

Carolyn boo booI was getting my first lesson with a handgun at the local shooting range. My instructor didnít notice that my non-dominant hand was creeping too high. Before I knew it the motion of the gun Ďslicedí the top of my thumb. It hurt, it was bleeding, but I didnít have all day to take care of it. I cleaned it up with running water and put a band aid on it. Of course my husband had to put a picture of it on Facebook. Everyone posted that I needed to get stitches. I disagreed. It had stopped bleeding, and before the end of the day the edges were starting to seal themselves. I flushed it with colloidal silver and put a band aid on in such a way that it held it shut. Then I put on a brace so I couldnít forget about it and bend it in a way that opened it back up. That was two weeks ago. There is still a pink mark, but otherwise it has healed nicely.

What are some other things we can do for ourselves?

How about those painful UTIís? One of my granddaughters had one and her mom gave her a sip of colloidal silver. It went away. Other things you can do to treat or prevent them include making sure you have plenty of Vitamin D in your system. You can do this through sunshine or supplementation. Cranberries are also a good idea. Just donít depend on the sweetened juice because that will do more harm than good the sugar will feed the bacteria that causes the UTI. At the same time avoid any other forms of sugar. You can also drink baking soda in water. This makes reduces the acidity of the body so the bacteria have a harder time growing. One of the best preventions is to take probiotics or eat fermented foods on a daily basis. The good bacteria will crowd out the bad bacteria.

Your eye doctor may tell you there is nothing you can do to prevent or treat macular degeneration at home. Recent studies are showing otherwise. Prevention may be as easy as taking the supplements lutein and astaxanthin. There is a new study out of Australia that shows some real promise in reversing this condition using saffron. The study used 20mg saffron every day. The participants began see improvement after three months.

When our kids were little the oldest one had some behavioral problems. He had trouble sitting still and ignoring distractions. Now days they call that ADHD, and put the child on medications. At the time we didnít have any health insurance so we took care of it ourselves. Now I find out that what we inadvertently did is the recommended all natural protocol. The first thing we did was to take him off of all sugars, and most processed foods. This inadvertently caused the second recommendation of increasing the protein in the childís diet. The third thing we did was to remove distractions. TV and video games were used as rewards, not babysitting.

Spring is the time when most of us notice our seasonal allergies. There are things we can do to alleviate our symptoms without heading to the pharmacy. One of the tastiest is to get some local honey. This can help you build up a resistance to the local pollens. Drinking a fresh ginger tea or including fresh ginger in your cooking can have an anti-inflammatory effect on your body. This has both a decongestant and an antihistamine effect. Peppermint, chamomile and some green teas also act like an antihistamine, without the sedating effect. Citrus juices, especially lime, are great for cutting the phlegm. Sounds like good symptom relief to me.

These are just a few of the hundreds of natural ways to take care of you or your family. I will write more on this subject later.

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