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Reverse the Aging Process Naturally

Note from Carolyn:
This article is a good start, but has a couple of flaws. It assumes you can eat a truly healthy diet. Studies have shown that even if we grow our own foods the ground they are grown in and the water we give them are lacking in nutrients and introduce toxins to the plants. This is why supplementation can be extremely important. We need to ensure we get the nutrition out of our foods with enzymes such as the Plant Enzymes and then make sure we cover our nutritional needs with natural vitamins such as the Complete Vitamins Plus. Iím not sure why the author thinks everyone needs whey protein. Most Americans get enough protein from their diets, even though it is not always quality protein. The author is a chiropractor. I see mine regularly he keeps my body in alignment so that I can enjoy life more. That in itself will probably prolong my life.
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There are 75 trillion cells within the human body. The function and aging process of each of these cells dictates the function and aging process of our body. Additionally, we have major hormones such as insulin and growth hormone that regulate metabolism and cellular division. The most critical steps to reversing the aging process are to slow down cellular division and enhance cellular repair processes. This is effectively done by minimizing oxidative stress and optimizing human growth hormone secretion.

Each cell contains a nucleus with 2 chromosomal (arms) that contain your DNA. Each chromosomal arm is made up of about 100 million protein bases. At the very top of each end of the chromosome is the telomere which exists primarily as a means of protection for the DNA. When a cell divides, the DNA in the chromosome is reproduced except for the region of the telomere. The telomeres sacrifice a small amount of the repeated sequences with each division and thus the telomere becomes slightly shorter each time.

The cell continues to function as normal until the telomere becomes critically short. At this point, certain genes are turned on and others off. This changes the individual's genetic activity leading to accelerated degeneration. After about 50 to 70 divisions the telomeres become critically short and reach the Hayflick Limit and are no longer able to divide. This makes the cell more susceptible to oxidative stress which causes an excessive burden on the cell and dramatically limits the DNA repair mechanisms. Eventually, the cell becomes unable to divide or repair and eventually dies.

Enhancing cellular repair is critical to limiting the rate of telomere division. The greater the oxidative stress the faster the telomeres divide. High circulating insulin levels have also been shown to accelerate telomere division. Controlling oxidative stress and high circulating insulin levels is a necessary and foundational part of a healthy lifestyle. Insulin and oxidative stress are controlled by stabilizing blood sugar and eating a nutrient dense diet full of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and phytonutrients.

Chiropractic adjustments are also critical for enhancing cellular repair processes. In a recent study, chiropractic adjustments were shown to enhance serum Thiol levels. Serum thiol is a known measure of human health and the most important compound for DNA repair.

Growth hormone (HGH) enhances the cellular repair processes that allow us to age with grace. HGH regulates metabolism to burn fat, build muscle, and slow-down the negative effects of stress. Another important characteristic of HGH is that it enhances collagen production and repair. Healthy collagen creates softer skin, reduces wrinkles, and enhances one`s complexion. Additionally, this strengthens and supports our joints as they age. Most people see their HGH levels decline with age; however, certain lifestyle modification helps to maximize HGH secretion throughout life.

Boost Your Growth Hormone & Cellular Repair Processes Naturally:
  1. Do high-intensity, short time period resistance training and surge-style training daily. Ideal time is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.
  2. Be in bed early and sleep between 7-8 hours each night. The body secretes large doses of HGH between the hours of 10pm - 2am. Sleeping maximizes HGH.
  3. Keep blood sugar under control by eating a diet low in sugar/grains and high in nutrient dense superfoods, healthy proteins, and good fats.
  4. Use a non-denatured whey protein from a grass-fed cow or goat. Whey protein contains L-glutamine and branched chain amino acids that help maximize HGH secretion.
  5. See a wellness chiropractor for a posture and neurological evaluation that will access the function of the body's healing process.
Dr. David Jockers - Natural News
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