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Let's "B" Perfectly Frank!

Note from Carolyn:
This article points out the health benefits of getting your B Vitamins. 
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Most people are not aware that the “B” vitamins are your best insurance policy against diseases like heart attack and stroke. And, they’re more powerful than any drugs for the same conditions. "B” vitamins are water soluble – you’ll find them in meat of animal protein, instead of the unhealthy patty parts. Some of the “Bs” are also found in fruits and vegetables, but your best source is found in red meat – for “B12” red meat is the ONLY source.

Scientifically Speaking…

According to an impressive 14-year study conducted in Japan, the following are the health benefits of specific “B” vitamins that you should know about:

  • When folate is high:
    • A man’s chance of a heart attack is cut in half.
    • A woman’s risk of heart attack drops by 43%.
    • A woman’s risk of stroke drops by more than a third.
  • When vitamin B6 is high:
    • A man’s chance of heart attack is reduced by over 60%.
    • A woman’s risk of heart attack drops by more than 50%.
    • A woman’s risk of stroke drops by more than a third.

Yes, eating red meat will get you vitamin B12, however, for those over the age of 50, supplemental “B” supplementation is recommended.

Synchronicity Matters…

Folate, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 work in synchronicity (together). They produce red blood cells, make nerves function, and reduce Homocysteine levels. Studies show that vitamin B12 deficiency leads to dangerously high Homocysteine, especially in vegetarians. Homocysteine is the amino acid that causes cardiovascular disease when levels are greatly elevated.

Additionally, when Homocysteine levels are elevated, you become a good candidate for Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and a list of birth-related disorders.

Most vegetarians have very high Homocysteine levels and are a high risk for a vitamin “B” deficiency. If you take medications such as antibiotics or birth control pills, your risk of vitamin B deficiency and high Homocysteine literally skyrocket.

What EXACTLY are the Role of Bs?

The following chart should answer most of your questions regarding each vitamin B and their specific role. All of the nutrients listed are included in one tablet of a complex B supplement as indicated below:


Vitamin B3


Circulation, nervous system, healthy skin

Lean meats, nuts, legumes and potatoes

Vitamin B5

Pantothenic Acid

Adrenal hormones, antibodies, neurotransmitters, stamina

Eggs, pork, beef, fish, milk, and most fruits/vegetables

Vitamin B6


Brain/immune system function, cancer immunity, mild diuretic

Chicken, fish, kidney, liver, eggs, bananas, lima beans, walnuts

Vitamin B7


Cell growth, metabolism of carbohydrates/fats/proteins

Liver, eggs yolks, nuts, cauliflower, milk, legumes

Vitamin B8


Hair growth, reduces cholesterol and plaque

Heart, fruit, milk, nuts, meat, vegetables

Vitamin B9

Folic Acid

“Brain food,” energy, red blood cells, strengthens immunity

Beef, lamb, pork, chicken liver, eggs, green leafy vegetables, salmon

Vitamin B12


Prevent anemia/nerve damage, digestion, cellular longevity

Lamb, beef, herring, mackerel, liver, oysters, poultry, clams, eggs

B…ing Proactive…

In order to protect your health from the risks listed in this article, eat foods high in folate, vitamin B6 and B12 every day. In addition, use a vitamin “B” supplement that is a balanced ratio of the entire Bs”. I use and recommend a B-100 table taken at least twice a day with meals for those over age 50, and a B-50 tablet taken at least twice a day for those under age 50. At times of accelerated stress, each dose listed should be increased to one tablet with each meal. Always take your “Bs” with food for better absorption.

Dr. Gloria Gilbere

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