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Autism Improvement Ideas

Autism isnít something that goes away or gets better with time. It is here to stay. What does happen is that parents learn to cope with the problems it causes their child, and in turn them. Here are some ideas that may make life easier for both the child and their parents. Not all of them will work for every child, so the parents are going to have to go through a little trial and error.

But, isnít that what parenting is all about?

Mercury Detox: Not only does mercury poisoning seem to be a cause of autism, but it can mimic it as well. Pulling the mercury out of the child can reduce or eliminate the symptoms of autism. Bentonite clay has been shown to be an effective detox method for mercury.

Good Bacteria: Autistic children tend to have a different bacteria mix in their gut. This can mean they have trouble digesting things and/or that they develop food allergies. There are two ways to combat this. This first is to use a good probiotic supplement. Yogurt wonít do, it doesnít contain the right variety of bacteria. The other method has been showing some promise as well. It is called a fecal transplant. This is where the fecal matter from a healthy family member is transplanted into the child. It is kind of like reverse colon hydrotherapy.

Digestive Help: Along the same lines as introducing good bacteria is introducing enzyme supplements to aid digestion. There was one study that through daily supplementation children were becoming verbal for the first time in their lives. Not only were they verbal, but speaking in complete sentences.

Chiropractic: Although it sounds too good to be true there are instances where simple chiropractic adjustments have significantly reduced symptoms.

Eliminating food additives: This is especially true of excitotoxins such as MSG. Excitotoxins are a group of food additives that makes you think food tastes better by artificially exciting the pleasure centers of the brain. There are estimates that these chemicals can be found in 95% of processed foods, and are not always listed clearly on the labels. The easiest way to avoid them is to make everything from scratch.

Eliminating certain foods: Autism symptoms seem to be made worse by gluten and dairy. One reason for this could be that our government allows the dairy industry to add things to our milk and milk products without listing it on the labels. Artificial sweeteners are both an example and a problem for those with autism.

We talk about autism as if it only affects children. The truth is that although their bodies grow up and age their minds and behaviors seem to remain young children. This is why we donít read a lot of information about autistic adults. With the right modifications to their lifestyles and diets these children can grow up to be contributing members of our society. Not all of them will be able to live on their own, they may remain somewhat dependent on those around them, but they are not as unable to function as we as a society tend to think of them.


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