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Enzymes and their purposes

Because and questions I have received, I thought it might be time to go back to the basics and explain why we carry Plant Enzymes.

Our bodies produce numerous types of enzymes, more than have currently been identified and counted. Enzymes are the catalyst for every function in the human body. We use enzymes to see, hear, smell, taste, breathe, and move. You can’t bleed without enzymes, and you definitely can’t stop bleeding without enzymes. Pharmaceuticals know this, most prescription drugs are based on the premise of controlling enzymes. A good example is Coumadin; it inhibits the enzyme that clots your blood. This prevents blood clots within the body, but being a prescription drug it carries with it side effects.

Some of the enzymes in our bodies have been identified, and used for medicinal purposes. They are used in therapy more often in Europe than in the United States, so we have to go there to look at many studies. Some illnesses that have been helped with enzymes include: Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, inflammation, bruising, cancer, viruses, and ageing. Don’t ask your doctor about it though, they probably have never heard of these studies. The enzymes used in these therapies are not always the enzymes in Plant Enzymes. For scientific purposes they have included enzymes created within animals in some of these studies. The enzymes in Plant Enzymes are all plant based.

One of the interesting things among all these studies is that if you can only use plant based enzymes, directed at the digestion, you still influence the body’s production of the other enzymes needed for other bodily function. This is why the saying ‘A strong immune system starts with a strong digestion’ has become popular among people who understand enzymes and the human body.

We have enzymes in our saliva that begin to work as soon as food touches it. If we were eating a raw organic diet we would have enzymes in the food itself. In combination these two sets of enzymes would begin the digestion process way before the food hits the stomach. With our modern diet that doesn’t happen very often or very well. Once the food hits the stomach some doctors will tell you that the stomach acids kill the enzymes, they are misinformed. The stomach acid does not do the job of digesting the food; it simply activates a different set of enzymes that digest the food. These enzymes are specialized to allow us to digest and absorb the minerals in the food. Without enough stomach acid you wouldn’t activate enough enzymes, without enough enzymes your body will begin producing more and more stomach acid. Without enough minerals in our food our body can’t produce the stomach acid. For those with low acid indigestion it is a vicious circle.

After the job of extracting the minerals is complete the food moves into the intestines, where more enzymes are put to work. We have all heard we need to have good bacteria such as those found in Pro-Biotic with FOS in our intestines. Many of us think they directly help us digest the food, and some do, but their other function is to create enzymes as a by-product of their life functions. These enzymes help us digest the food so it can pass through the intestinal walls as nutrients. Without them the food will sit in the intestines for long periods of time. During that time it will begin to ferment in the warm moist atmosphere. Bad bacteria will grow in the fermented food. These bacteria will attack the intestinal walls. Sometimes they will actually bore a hole in the walls. When this happens you have a problem called ‘Leaky Gut Syndrome’. When you have Leaky Gut Syndrome you have small particles of food, bacteria, and even parasites escaping from the intestines and getting into your blood stream. This causes a strain on your immune system, which tries to send white blood cells out to clean up these invaders. Have you ever watched an old movie where the good guy is fighting so many bad guys that he loses focus, and then when another good guy comes to help he attacks him too? That is similar to what happens to our immune system. We sometimes overwork it so badly that it forgets which cells are the bad guys and which ones are the good guys. It will then begin attacking the healthy cells of the body. When this happens we call it by names such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome.

Although taking Plant Enzymes with every meal won’t cure the autoimmune diseases directly, it is a start. We begin by improving digestion, and then move to healing the gut with Pro-Biotic with FOS and Aloe Ace-Max. After that we strengthen the immune system with Sterol Max. Over time the body will slowly begin healing itself, the way it was intended to.

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