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Six Reasons to Take Supplements

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Six Reasons to Take Supplements

Eating a balanced diet is important to our overall health, but unfortunately, many of us donít get the vitamins and minerals that we need each day to stay healthy. While supplements arenít a necessity for everybody, those who fail to eat the right mix of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins often need a little boost in order to round out their daily nutrition. Almost 80% of US seniors over the age of 55 and 77% of adults between 35 and 54 take daily supplements thanks to the wide variety of health benefits that they have to offer.

Speed Up Your Metabolism

Your metabolism determines what you get out of the meals you eat, having a direct impact on your health and weight. Supplements, particularly B vitamins, can help to improve your metabolic processes for better digestion and faster weight loss. Vitamins B-12, B-6, and folate are all essential in the metabolism of fats and proteins.

Build Muscle Quickly

When attempting to build lean muscle or bulk up, supplements can help you to repair damaged tissue faster. Vitamin D and Calcium in particular speed up muscle production, allowing you to recover more quickly between workouts. Protein supplements can also help you to build muscle faster.

Avoid Nutrient Deficiencies

A deficiency in just about any nutrient can have long-lasting consequences on your health, from anemia to organ failure. If you donít get everything that you need from your diet, taking supplements ensures that your body gets the right type of vitamins and minerals to keep everything in working order. Itís important not to ingest too much of nutrients such as Vitamin A, however, as this can lead to overdosing.

Slim Down Your Figure

If youíre on a diet, the chances are that you arenít getting the nutrients that you need from what you eat. Supplements are a great way to maintain a balanced diet even when trying to lose weight. You donít have to worry about adding extra calories to your daily meal plan, but instead, simply take fat-free supplements or multivitamins to enhance your diet.

Lower the Risk of Osteoporosis

Many older adults in the U.S. and abroad are at an increased risk of developing osteoporosis in their later years. Worldwide, one in every three women over the age of fifty and one in every five men will suffer from osteoporosis. Taking certain supplements both in your youth and as you age can help to lower your risk and strengthen your bones. Vitamin D and calcium are both critical components of a healthy skeleton, and taking them in supplement form can help to protect you from osteoporotic fractures.

Have a Healthy Pregnancy

Supplements can be especially beneficial for pregnant women who not only need the nutrients to support themselves but also their growing child. One of the most important supplements for women during pregnancy is folic acid, which plays a key role in the neural development of babies in utero. Omega-3 fatty acids (or fish oil) is also an ideal supplement during pregnancy, as it aids in brain development.

Taking supplements is a healthy way to round out an imbalanced diet. You can improve both your mental and physical health by adding the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that you need to your diet. Always check with your doctor before starting a new supplement to ensure that youíll be safe and free of any side effects.

Article by Jennifer Dawson

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