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Soda and the drawbacks

Sugar is not the only harmful ingredients in today’s sodas. We have learned in the past that the sugar in sodas is addicting, and that we need to avoid it. It has been linked to diabetes and obesity. Studies show it doubles the death rate of lab animals. What if that were the least of our worries when it came to these popular drinks?

Aspartame is converted by our bodies into formaldehyde, which then messes with our DNA. Animals can turn this formaldehyde into formic acid, but humans don’t have this capacity. The results of formaldehyde in the body show up as brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, chronic fatigue, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, mental retardation, lymphoma, fibromyalgia and diabetes. In addition to all of these the kidneys lose their ability to function.

Caramel coloring has been shown to cause cancer. It can be made without the offending chemical, but it isn’t.

Fructose is large amounts (greater 15 grams) turns off your appetite control system. It is turned directly into fat, unable to be used for energy. Leads to insulin resistance (think diabetes).

Benzene (used in citrus flavored sodas) has a strong link to cancer.

Sodium benzoate causes DNA damage similar to aspartame.

Sodas have been commonly thought of as a drink for kids, but they should be the most wary of its affects. Besides the health benefits listed above studies are showing that kids often become aggressive, inattentive, and unable to learn new things. In addition to this they are filling up on the empty calories and not getting the nutrition they need for growing minds and bodies. Unfortunately some of the ‘juice’ beverages given to children are no better for them. They are simply sodas without the bubbles.

One of the problems caused by the constant consumption of sweet drinks is the change in the taste buds of these children. If it isn’t sugary sweet the children won’t eat it. There go most of the healthy alternatives out the window. Parents have a hard enough time getting the kids to eat healthy without this ‘help’.

Some of these same behavior problems have been found in adults that drink lots of sodas. It could be any one, or a combination of the chemicals listed above that cause belligerence, depression and suicide.

Many people switch from coffee or tea to sodas to protect their teeth from staining. Instead of stains they can scrub off with a little baking soda they get pitting and dissolving from the phosphoric acid in the sodas.

Water is always a good choice, unless it comes from a source that is contaminated like many of our city water systems are. Filtered water from a non-plastic container is the best we can do in our world today.

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