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Aluminum Toxicity

I have a feeling our grandparents never had to deal with this problem, but it is apparent that this is a new threat we need to be aware of. Where does this toxicity or poison come from? What are its symptoms?

Anything we call a toxicity is merely something we have too much of. Even good things can become toxic if you go far enough overboard. Our bodies have some protections against toxicities, but it generally works best when the substance is introduced in small amounts. Plants can have some aluminum in them, and the body cleanses itself by combining it with phosphorus in order to carry it out of the body. Thus, one hazard of getting too much aluminum is running low on phosphorus.

What purpose does aluminum play in our bodies? So far the answer is none. There is no useful purpose for aluminum in the human body. This is one reason why it is so dangerous to get too much of it.

How do we get aluminum? Along with the plants we eat we get aluminum from our water system. City water departments sometimes put aluminum in the water so that it looks clearer and cleaner. It is an allusion, but for the most part it fools us. We also get it from aluminum cookware, and aluminum foil.

There is evidence that both acidic and alkaline foods can absorb the aluminum from cookware and wrappings. A common source is beverages in aluminum cans. Another place we get it is in our antiperspirants. Somewhere along the line someone noticed that aluminum would lessen the amount of moisture from the underarm. What they didnít know is that the underarm takes that aluminum and directs it into the body. It is sometimes even found in toothpaste.

What does aluminum do?

There is strong evidence that aluminum interferes with the functioning of the human brain. In children this can be seen as learning difficulties. In adults it shows up as different types of dementia, including Alzheimerís. There is even some evidence in connections with skin cancer, high blood pressure and osteoarthritis. Part of this is because along with phosphorus aluminum can displace or remove from the body iron, zinc, manganese, chrome, magnesium and copper. All of these are useful minerals for the body. Some early evidence of possible Aluminum toxicity include colic, rickets, osteoporosis, poor calcium metabolism, nervousness, anemia, headache, decreased liver and kidney function, forgetfulness, speech disturbances, and weak aching muscles.

To check for aluminum in your system you can get a hair analysis done. This is a simple process of having your doctor send a hair sample to a specialized laboratory where they check for the levels of nutrients, minerals and toxins in the sample.

To get rid of the aluminum in your body the first thing you need to do is to get rid of all known sources of aluminum. This includes getting rid of you aluminum cooking utensils, aluminum foil, antiperspirants, and antacids. After that you can begin helping your body get rid of the excess aluminum through a high fiber diet that includes apple pectin. Include in your diet a good source of calcium. I use the Coral Life. Another good mineral to get is magnesium. I get mine through Complete Vitamins Plus, a good multivitamin such as this is very helpful in stabilized vitamin and mineral imbalances caused by the aluminum. It also contains the B vitamins that are recommended, along with Vitamin E.

If you like using herbs the recommended ones include burdock root, Echinacea, ginseng, and ginkgo biloba. These herbs are not only helpful with aluminum, but other toxic metals and even radiation. Echinacea should be avoided if you have an autoimmune disorder.

Our world is changing. Because of modern science there are new threats to our health than there were a hundred years ago. I am combating these threats in my life by staying well informed and having a good nutritional basis for my life. One of the ways I do this is to include products like Plant Enzymes, ProBiotic with FOS, Complete Vitamins Plus, Coral Life, Metabolic Complete and Aloe Ace-Max into my daily routine. Each provides a different layer of protection for my health.

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