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Fluoride dangers

No fluoride for PortlandPortland, Oregon is due to vote on adding fluoride to their water this month. Every time it has been proposed before it was voted down. This time the City Council tried to bypass the vote and implement it on their own authority. The people put together a petition and forced the issue to be put on the ballet. If the proponents of fluoridation are right and there are no down sides to putting fluoride in the water why all this focus? The facts speak for themselves.

  1. The EPA considers fluoride a toxin. Municipalities that decide to stop fluoridating their water must use up their supplies or pay hefty ‘toxic waste fees’ to dispose of it.
  2.  Flouride is a drug. It can only be distributed through a prescription. Doctor’s prescribing fluoride must monitor their patients.
  3. Since fluoride is a drug the ‘dosage’ must be age appropriate. Infants and the elderly need (if you can say anyone needs fluoride) a much smaller dose than the large adult male. You can’t regulate how much water a person ingests; therefore you can’t regulate the dosage of this drug.
  4. An infant drinking formula made with fluoridated tap water can get 100 times the amount of fluoride that can be safely prescribed by a doctor.
  5. Accumulation of fluoride in the human body have been linked to:
    •   Increased lead absorption
    •   Hyperactivity and/or lethargy
    •   Thyroid disease
    •   Arthritis
    •   Dementia
    •   Bone fractures
    •   Bone cancer (osteosarcoma)
    •   Impaired mental development, lowered IQ
    •   Lowered thyroid function
    •   Lowed immune systems
    •   Genetic damage and cell death
    •   Increased tumor and cancer rate
    •   Damaged sperm and increased infertility
    •   Gastrointestinal problems
    •   Kidney issues
    •   Chronic fatigue
  6.  Studies show that communities that use fluoridation do not have less tooth decay that those that do not use fluoridation in their water.
  7. The FDA has never approved fluoride for the prevention of tooth decay.
  8. The only fluoride that has shown any benefit, and it is marginal is the topical application, never the ingested forms of fluoride.
  9. Minority groups that influence the voting of their participants have been paid by pro-fluoride sponsors to encourage their members to vote for fluoride.

Are you willing to let others prescribe a drug for you? Would you voluntarily take a drug with the side effects listed above, for a condition you don’t have? Would you give such a drug to your children or grandchildren for a condition they don’t have? Many people wouldn’t even give such a drug to their pets, much less a family member.

Even if we all went out and bought filters for our drinking water it won’t solve the problem. We would have to filter our showers, and the water we put on our vegetable gardens. Once this chemical is in our water system it is going to be extremely difficult and cost prohibitive to get it out. Is it fair for any government (city, county, state or federal) to use our tax money to poison us in this way?


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