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More home remediesWhy are there so many different home remedies? Think back to our history. For most of the time that man has been on earth the people did not live in close contact with each other. It is only with Hippocrates that the concept of a health care professional became strong. Before that it was accepted that certain people had the gift of healing. What they really had was an understanding of their surroundings and how to match certain symptoms with the plants and minerals around them. Many times these connections have remained, becoming ‘old wives tales’. There is a certain segment of science that is going back and investigating some of those ‘old wives tales’ and showing that they have validity. Let’s look at a few more.

Studies are showing that curcumin, also known as turmeric is one of the most power anticancer agents available. Curcumin seeks out malignant cancer cells and alters the DNA so that they die. It leaves healthy cells alone. It also reduces blood cholesterol levels, unsticks blood clots, suppressed Type II diabetes, the paid of arthritis. It reduces symptoms of MS and helps wound healing. Sounds like a spice we should include in each and every meal.

Chronic constipation can sometimes be relieved by increasing hydrochloric acid. In other cases it is being caused by a lack of good bacteria, so a good probiotic is called for. In many cases of ‘tight ass’ it is a literally a case of the muscles being too tight, this calls for increasing magnesium within the body. This can be done orally of by absorption through the skin.

Do you have someone in the family that is a ‘loose cannon’?

Sometimes this is a symptom of a lack of the Omega 3 essential oils. We have always thought of Omega 3’s being available in fish, but they are also available in grass fed meat, eggs and dairy. Flax seed is also a good source, but be sure you keep it cold and grind as needed.

Most people don’t think of home remedies when it comes to addictions. But many addictions, including alcoholism are really symptoms of a nutritional deficiency. If you or someone you love has an alcohol addiction you may want to consider adding some nutritional therapy to the other treatments they are going through. Some specific nutrients to consider are Niacin, mega doses of Vitamin C, real food based vitamin B complex (but avoid the ones that use soy), L-glutamine and chromium. Each of these attack the issue of alcoholism from a different angle, but each one fills in a missing element that may be causing or increasing the craving for alcohol.

Stress is a chronic problem in our world today. There are just some causes of stress that cannot be avoided. To combat them you might try reaching for some nutrition. Magnesium is one of the first one we think of. Magnesium is called the ‘great relaxer’ It can relax those tight muscles that stress causes. Both alcohol and caffeine lower magnesium levels, so if you drink either one on a regular basis you are probably deficient. For quick temporary relief you might want to reach for a cup of chamomile of lemon balm tea. Then there are the mind/body practices of meditation, prayer or yoga. Has anyone ever told you that if you have high blood pressure you need to eat more beets? If they did they were giving you good advice. Beets contain natural occurring nitrates, also found in spinach, lettuce and radishes. These not only reduce blood pressure, but improve cardiovascular health and help prevent cancer and gastric ulcers. In the meantime they tend to increase physical stamina. These are different from the nitrates found in cured meats. Those are artificial and can actually have the opposite results.

Have you been told that your cholesterol is too high?

First you need to understand that cholesterol serves a purpose in our bodies, and we all need some in order to function. The body converts cholesterol to Vitamin D when sunshine hits our skin. Without either element, cholesterol or sunshine the body can’t do this important function. So if your cholesterol is a little high get some sunshine. It may just do the trick. The other thing your body uses cholesterol for is repair. Cholesterol is used for the repair of brain and nerve cells and to reduce inflammation. If you have high cholesterol you are most likely to have high inflammation as well. Reduce or eliminate that inflammation and your body should follow suit in reducing the production of cholesterol. This may be one reason why drinking green tea seems to have the effect of lowering cholesterol. Green tea contains a lot of antioxidants, which is what our body uses to reduce inflammation.

Is your head spinning yet? But I have barely touched the tip of the iceberg. We will have to do this again someday.

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