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Dangerous Drugs to Avoid

Dangerous DrugsWe get a lot of negative information from the media today. There are times we want to ignore it, bury our heads in the sands and hope it goes away.

Unfortunately there are other times we really need to pay attention to the information.

A dangerous product is one of those times. The amount of information about dangerous products is overwhelming, so today we will only focus on the dangerous drugs on the market. There are many. Prescription drugs now kill more people than illegal drugs do. This is when they are taken exactly as they are prescribed.

A type of cancer drug known as IAP antagonists has been shown to actually increase the possibility of tumor type cancers moving into the bone. The drugs are meant to target a protein that makes the tumors more vulnerable. One of the side effects is that it also targets osteoclasts, which are the cells responsible for tearing down the bones. In order to stay healthy our bones are constantly being torn down and rebuilt. This over activation of these osteoclasts weakens the bones (thinks osteoporosis) and even worse, it seems to cause the spread of the cancer to the bones. Because this is potential in cancers that don’t normally spread to the bone there is a fear that the new cancer will be missed and treatment will be delayed.

Another group of drugs that may be doing more harm than good are some of the blood pressure drugs. Although these seem to control the blood pressure, they don’t do anything to improve the quality of life, or the length of life. Statin drugs have been suspected of being harmful as well, but they are being advertised as safe and effective. They have a tendency to tear down muscles. We aren’t just talking arm and leg muscles; the heart is a muscle as well. There are muscles that cause the lungs to breath. These muscles are also being affected. The funny thing is, although there is evidence that these drugs do reduce the bad LDL cholesterol in blood tests there is no evidence that they do anything to improve the quality of length of life. They do lead to liver damage, memory loss and confusion and diabetes.

Moving away from heart problems let’s look at a group of antidepressant drugs called SSRIs. These drugs are supposed to make a person feel better by reducing the uptake of serotonin. The theory is that the more serotonin in the blood stream the better the person feels. They are also used on children to moderate ‘classroom misbehavior’. Unfortunately these drugs have been strongly linked to mass shootings and killing sprees, as well as suicides. In the meantime the person can also experience nausea, diarrhea, nervousness, insomnia and weight gain. Don’t those add up to ‘feeling better’? These have also been linked to osteoporosis by inhibiting bone production. Lesser known side effects include increasing blood sugar levels, and cholesterol levels.

Protein Pump Inhibitors are those pills that block stomach acid so you won’t suffer from heart burn. The biggest problem with them is that they block the absorption of nutrients. This means you can be eating lots of food and your body will still be starving. It also means you are more likely to come down with other health problems due to the lack of those nutrients. These include an increase in bacterial diarrhea because one of the reasons we have stomach acid is to protect us from certain strains of bad bacteria. It also leads to magnesium deficiency and bone fractures.

These are but of the few pharmaceuticals that carry dangerous risks. Many of these risks are ignored or downplayed by the family doctor. Many times when these drugs are recommended you are not told that there are many natural supplements that can do as well or even better at dealing with your issues. This is because your doctor does not know about them. Often the doctor makes you believe that you are risking your life if you don’t take the drugs. With the issues above this is rarely the case. Pharmaceuticals are great for a short term emergency. If you have something that you will be dealing with long term take a look at your other options. You may thank yourself for it later.

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