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More Enzyme benefits

Note from Carolyn:
More good news about enzymes. This is why we carry Plant Enzymes. We have seen the difference in our personal health.
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Most people think that enzymes only assist in the digestion of the foods we eat.
While digestion is of paramount importance and is considered the most energy intensive of all the metabolic activities of the body, enzymes assist in all metabolic processes that occur in the body.
In addition, enzymes help to decompose something called 'Circulating Immune Complexes', otherwise known as Prostaglandins, which is the cause for excess inflammation in any injured area of the body.
Finally, enzymes help destroy viruses by eating through their protein coating, thus rendering the virus inactive. Unfortunately, when your body runs out of systemic enzymes, you die within a few days.
That is why it is very prudent to conserve your body's finite production of enzymes by supplementing with Plant Enzymes.
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