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Take The Oatmeal Test

Cook up a one serving size bowl of oatmeal - preferably in a drinking glass. The oatmeal should be solid (not runny). Let the oatmeal cool off to about body temperature or 98 degrees. Feel the bottom of the bowl and if it’s warm to the touch (not hot), we’re ready for the test.

Take ONE capsule and sprinkle one over the oatmeal. Stir it in with a fork. Then take the second capsule and sprinkle it over the oatmeal again and continue to stir it in with the fork for 30 seconds to one minute.

The oatmeal will turn into a liquid and can easily be poured from one glass to another. In other words, the oatmeal is digested!

The “Oatmeal Test” is simple and easy to do. The “Oatmeal Test” cannot lie. It’s really proof! Yes, you can test any enzyme formulation this way! If the oatmeal doesn’t break down into a liquid, that enzyme formulation will not be very effective in helping with the digestive process.


The human body depends on proper digestion!

In order for the human body to function properly, it must be able to use the nutrients within the food and supplement. UTILIZATION is the key! Every cell in the human body is very small. In order for those cells to get nourishment, the nutrients must be small enough to enter the cell. If the nutrients are too large to enter the cells, the cells will not benefit even though the nutrients were absorbed into the blood stream.

Absorbing nutrients that aren’t fully digested or usable––plays a big part in the human body not functioning properly!

Would it surprise you to learn that the immune system will attack nutrients that aren’t fully digested, because it doesn’t recognize it as food? The immune system isn’t supposed to be involved in digestion! Yet, because of all the cooked and processed foods we eat––we involve our immune system in the digestive process almost every day!

Ask yourself this: Why do we get colds, flu, cancer or tumors? If we had a fully functional immune system––we shouldn’t have such problems!

Why is the cold and flu season around the holiday season?
Answer: We eat so many cooked and processed foods, candy, cakes, pies and so much more––We overworked and involved our immune system in digestion. Thus, our immune system is weakened and even some simple bacteria can lead to a cold or flu!

What about the dreaded tumors and cancer? When the immune system is so busy with digestion, it doesn’t have the time and energy to do part of its regular job––which is to protect the human body from harmful organisms that are potentially life threatening.

In the wild––life eats life to live. Human beings, on the other hand, eat enzyme dead food and think it’s going to keep us healthy. This is why that doesn’t work well.

1. The human body’s digestive system is supposed to digest 50% of the food we put into our body. The other 50% is supposed to be digested by the live enzymes within the food that we eat.

2. When we eat food without live enzymes––we are asking the human body to digest and break down 100% of the food. After years and years of doing this––the human digestive system gets exhausted, over-used and cannot fully digest the way it should. Undigested particles get into the blood stream and the immune system uses its defenses to attack this unrecognized invader.

A Fully Functional Immune System

Every day, we eat denatured food and supplements. This reduces the strength of our immune system. Now, if we turn that negative into a positive (by not using the immune system in digestion––we will help stop the weakening of our immune system! This will allow the immune system the time and energy to pay attention to its regular functions of protecting the human body from invaders and disease!

Taking enzymes with food and sometimes between meals will help take the burden off the digestive system and the immune system at the very same time!

These are some of the ways that Enzymes may help:
Digests Proteins Stimulates the Immune System
Assimilates Fats Shatters Crystalline Deposits
Increases Energy Breaks up Cholesterol Deposits
Reduces Bacteria Increases White Blood Cell Size And Activity
Assimilates and Eliminates Toxins Digests Cooked & Processed Foods
Improves Circulation Raises T-Cell Activity & Production
Breaks Up and Dissolves Uric Acid Crystals Increases the surface area of the red blood.Cells making it possible to carry more oxygen to all parts of the body

This very special enzyme formulation will easily beat all challengers!

It will win in the oatmeal test and under the dark field microscope!Using the dark field microscope––we can look closely at live blood samples and actually see what’s going on inside the blood. Here are some unhealthy conditions we see on a regular basis; even in people that think they are very healthy:

1. Red blood cells sticking together (which can be caused by undigested proteins that are very sticky). Red blood cells carry oxygen––but, when they are impaired, this condition can lead to poor circulation, migraine headaches and chronic fatigue.

2. Cholesterol and Uric Acid crystals (which can lead to arthritis or gout).

3. Plaque (due to undigested fats and undigested proteins)––this can lead to arteriosclerosis.

Before-and-after blood testings have proven that in a very short period these enzymes will produce cleaner, healthier blood!

Symptoms such as heartburn, belching, gas, indigestion or an upset stomach could suggest that what we’ve eaten is creating a burden on the digestive system. This can also mean that the immune system is shortly going to get involved in cleaning up undigested particles. Again, weakening the immune system can lead directly to other serious problems.

Here are some reasons why this is the most effective digestive enzyme product on the market:

1. High Enzymatic Activity.
2. High enzymatic Diversity.
3. Nine different natural plant-based enzymes.
4. Active in a “ph” range from 2 to 12.
5. 77 single-ionic-form minerals.

Whether it’s an enzyme delivery system for nutritional supplements or simply a digestive enzyme product, to be really effective, we need high enzymatic activity and high enzymatic diversity. With this combination, we can bring our processed foods and supplements back into a ratio that will benefit the digestive and immune systems!

High enzymatic diversity indicates that a formulation can complete the digestive job it is asked to do. A diverse formulation should include the following eight enzymes:

1. PROTEASE digests proteins and reduces inflammation.
2. AMYLASE digests carbohydrates
3. LIPASE digests fats
4. LACTASE digests lactose or milk and dairy products
5. CELLULASE digests fiber
6. SUCRASE digests sugars
7. MALTASE digests disaccharides into monosaccarides
8. ALPHA GALACTOSIDASE digests carbohydrates (especially beans, grains, & gas
producing vegetables, such as broccoli & Cabbage)
9. BROMELAIN digests proteins and reduces inflammation.

To top off this incredible formulation––the ionic minerals carry a charge that gives the enzymes additional energy. Using the dark field microscope, we have seen that the digestive enzymes are 2 to 3 times more active when they have these 77 single-ionic-form minerals.
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