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Enzyme Therapy - No Side Effects

Over 25 million people in Europe and Japan have been given enzyme supplementation or therapy with enormous success - all with no important side effects! The reason there arenít any important side effects is because enzymes are food forms - not drugs.

Much of the serious scientific interest in enzymes began when Dr. Ernest Freund noticed that most tumor patients get thrombolysis (blood clots that cause heart attacks), and most thrombolysis patients get growths. He suspected that the common connection might be enzymes. On testing their blood, he found that both patient groups lacked three important enzymes.

Recently, researchers found that two of those enzymes destroy blood clots. They also found that the other one creates macrophages that break down fibrin. Uncontrolled cellular growths hide under a coating of fibrin. Once the fibrin cover is removed, our bodiesí killer destroy the growths.

Plant Enzymes

"One of the most health-promoting measures that you can implement into your daily life is taking in more exogenous enzymes!"

Plant Enzymes is a full-spectrum, complete digestive formulation addressing all aspects of digestion - proteins, carbohydrates, fats, starches, sugars, soluble fibers, lactose, sugars in milk.

It is the highest Potency and Activity Formulation on the market today. Each individual ingredient is at least 3 to10 times more concentrated than any other enzyme product, anywhere! As an example, each capsule contains 95,000 HUT of protease. Studies indicate that for many people, 90% of what they eat and ingest is not digested, absorbed, or assimilated. Tests indicate that nutritional absorption can increase by approximately 300% to 500% when Plant Enzymes are taken with meals and supplements.

Fast break capsules are utilized so that the capsules dissolve in approximately 30 to 60 seconds, releasing the powerful full-spectrum, blended enzymes and Ionic minerals, allowing them to go to work quickly in aiding the digestive process.

Because Plant Enzymes is an alkaline activated formulation, it aids in predigestion and prevention of heartburn and indigestion.

Enzymes require minerals to activate to any degree of efficiency. Very few enzyme products use any minerals at all in their formulations. And, those that do generally utilize between 2 to 5 minerals. Plant Enzymes uses an exclusive source of 77 naturally occurring highly charged Ionic minerals in every 400 mg. capsule.

The formulation utilized by Plant Enzymes is so effective that it has been shown to increase White Blood Cell activity by 700% and T-Cells production and activity by 1,300%.

These 77 Ionic Minerals are unique in that they carry a very high frequency charge from nature - this is extremely rare. Ionic minerals mean that they are derived from a source (mostly plants) that at one time or another was alive. Ionic also means that it is broken down to absolutely its smallest form. Ionic minerals are in many cases thousands of times smaller than colloidal minerals.

Another difference is that colloidal minerals are normally negatively charged, thereby making it nearly impossible for them to be absorbed because the small intestine where absorption occurs is also negatively charged.

Compared to colloidal or chelated minerals, Ionic Minerals are the most effective, readily assimilated and safest mineral source known today. All of the naturally occurring trace amounts of Ionic minerals contained in Plant Enzymes are known to be beneficial to the health of humans and animals.

The unique Ionic mineral combination of Plant Enzymes allows the enzymes to activate to a much higher activity level and sustain that activity for a significantly longer period of time, in many cases hours longer.

The more we become Enzyme deficient, the faster we age. The more we can build up our Enzyme Reserve, the healthier we will be!


Take 1 or 2 capsules of Plant Enzymes with 8 ounces of water before each meal as a dietary supplement. 1 or 2 additional capsules with a full glass of water may be taken before bed for additional benefits. Feel better, be better, and look better within the next 90 days! The key is consistency in daily supplementation!

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