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Wellness Nations Business Opportunity

Creating your own business can be a challenging task. Thatís why Wellness Nations guides you through the process. We provide the support you need to hit the ground running with this opportunity. A key element of this opportunity is our compensation plan.

Wellness Nations has created a compensation plan that is both easy to learn and easy to explain. We realize that it is our associates who create Wellness Nationsí success, so we have designed a compensation plan that rewards them fairly.

Compensation Plan

There are three ways to get paid in the Wellness Nations Compensation Plan: retail sales, fast start bonuses, and matrix bonuses.

Retail sales are the simplest of these methods. Simply purchase product at its wholesale price and resell it at the retail price. You keep the difference.

Wellness Nations offers two attractive combination packages designed to create value for new associates and to give an extra incentive to current associates to enroll people under them in the matrix.

Within 30 days of a new associateís enrollment, they are eligible to purchase one of our Business Builder Packages. These enticing packages offer the products at below wholesale cost to new associates and provide fast start bonuses to the associates that enroll them.

These bonuses range from $25 to $130 and vary depending on the type of package that is purchased as well as other factors.

Wellness Nationsí compensation plan can become extremely lucrative once you qualify to earn bonuses through our revolutionary 3x8 matrix. Through the matrix, associates will qualify to earn bonuses based on the commission volume of associates within their matrix.
This is a condensed version and the complete plan is here in PDF and Video. Become an associate here.
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