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Synthetic vitamins fuel sickness while enriching the corrupt medical industry!

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Are you taking a multi-vitamin that's killing you slowly? Did you think you were doing the right thing by jiggling that little pill out of its container and washing it down your throat every day in the name of health and wellness? Which ones are you taking; One-a-day, Centrum, Equate, or maybe you just picked up some of Sam's club's "Members Mark Complete?" Sounds like a real winner! Wait a second, it could be even worse. You might have gone and done the unthinkable, and you bought your children Flintstones vitamins. Tell me it's not true.

Have you really read the label, researched any of the synthetic additives, or checked out the "other ingredients," or did you just figure that was irrelevant? If you are guilty of taking any of the aforementioned supplements, it's time to buy some liver, kidney, and colon detoxification, and you better educate yourself about those too, because "The Man" wants you sick and dying, not avoiding toxic vitamin imposters that are NOT ABSORBABLE by the body. Dangerous, mind-blowing additives in your crappy vitamins that are listed as "other ingredients" include: talc, dyes, sodium benzoate, methylcellulose, carnauba wax, silicon and/or titanium dioxide. In all of these cases, what you don't know WILL hurt you!

In the mid-1930s, multivitamins became available in grocery stores and pharmacies. These supplements were made from natural, dried and compressed vegetable and fruit concentrates, but then, in the early 1940s, certain brands began producing synthetic tablets, and that's when the mayhem began.

Now, millions of Americans and people all over the world want to eat right and take the right vitamins to help them live a long, healthy life and be energetic all the while, but the majority of these innocent, naive, and nutritionally uneducated beings have NO CLUE that the big "brand name" vitamins on the shelves of most grocery and drug stores are synthetic toxins which not only DO NOT foster good health, but are mutagenic and carcinogenic. This means they are basically poison for the body, fueling disease and disorders, including arthritis, osteoporosis, brittle bones, cancer, and yes, Alzheimer's disease. Did you know Pfizer owns "Centrum?" Did you know Bayer owns "One-a-Day?"

Walking into a nutritional nightmare is easy if you don't know the "low down" on supplements. Dangerous supplements can reverse what you are trying to accomplish. Also, many multivitamins, especially the chewable ones, contain Aspartame, one of the leading causes of Fibromyalgia and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

"Other ingredients" usually means animal parts and cancer causing artificial sweeteners

If your vitamins come in the form of gelatin capsules, you are more than likely consuming the skin, cartilage, connective tissues and bones of diseased animals. On top of that, if your vitamins contain the artificial sweeteners Aspartame, Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose or Sorbitol, you could be developing artificial sweetener disease (cancer) and mutating your cells, your DNA, and passing that mutagenic DNA along to future generations.

Don't feel dumb if you did not know that synthetic B-12 comes from activated sewage sludge just don't be a repeat offender! Your "corporate" made vitamins are made by pharmaceutical and chemical companies who also concocted chemotherapy. It's just another angle to handle the threat of people getting healthy from nutritional information, and so you've been deceived.

Synthetic vitamin B-12, cyanocobalamin, is made from ground up toxic cow livers and activated sewage sludge. These cow livers are overloaded with steroids and antibiotics, and the pesticides the cow assimilates from eating GMO feed, and these cows are living in CAFO's (confined animal feeding operations), where they often collapse and die slowly, while lying in their own "sludge" or fecal matter. ( Synthetic vitamin B also comes from coal tar and petro-chemicals, known to depress the central nervous system and cause respiratory ailments.

Those cheap, synthetic vitamins you're taking in hopes of maintaining proper health are deteriorating your health as quickly as fast food burgers and fries. Synthetic vitamin A comes from fish liver juices loaded with toxic PCB's and mercury. Synthetic vitamin C comes from acid blends that irritate the lining of your digestive track. It's just a chemical copy of naturally occurring ascorbic acid. This kind of fractionated, chemical acid never grew in the ground or received sunlight, but rather it's a sulfuric acid by-product. Once you swallow that pill, it's just another carcinogenic drug in your body, like MSG (monosodium glutamate) or Aspartame.

The bottom line is that the wrong vitamins are chemicals. More than 90 percent of the fake "vitamin C" in this country is manufactured in New Jersey by Hoffman-LaRoche, one of the world's largest drug manufacturers. (

Organic vitamin A has antioxidant properties, but synthetic vitamin A accomplishes just the opposite. In one study, subjects who received synthetic A - beta carotene had an eight percent higher incidence of fatal heart attacks, strokes, and lung cancer than those who got the placebo (sugar pill).

Synthetic Vitamin D is derived from irradiated oil

Synthetic vitamin D is toxic and can result in permanent deposit of minerals in the heart, lungs and kidneys. How could this be true? Because it's made from petroleum extracts, coal tar derivatives, and irradiated cattle brains. It may even contain formaldehyde and ammonia!

Routinely contained in nearly all NON-ORGANIC vitamins are genetically engineered ingredients, pesticides, and animal drug residues, pathogens, feces, hormone-disrupting chemicals, toxic sludge, slaughterhouse waste, chemical additives, preservatives, and chemical by-products.

The wrong kind of calcium kills you slowly

The calcium myth must be dispelled right now. If you eat and drink dairy products, including milk, yogurt and cheese, you are loading up your body with calcium, in fact, most likely, you are overloading your body with calcium. True whole food vitamins don't leech the body of their missing co-factors and don't cause a vitamin imbalance. How does Big Pharma make a fortune off your sickness? Calcium supplements! If you think the staggering numbers of people in the U.S. suffering from arthritis and osteoporosis are somehow doing so just by chance, you are DEAD WRONG. Want the good kind of calcium? Research plant-based calcium like leafy greens, kale and spinach.

No matter what the FDA says or wants you to believe, organic vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, and enzymes are "MEDICINE," and synthetic vitamins are simply ANTI-MEDICINE - disease and disorder breeding health criminals. Get smarter. Read the labels. Ask questions. If your vitamins are not organic, then they're probably making you sick.

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