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Telomerase Enzyme regulates telomeres

Note from Carolyn:
This article points to some interesting benefits of the telomerase enzyme. We firmly believe that any claims of "anti-aging" may be excessive but it is exciting to carry an amazing product to support your telomeres based on ground breaking research on telomerase enzymes. For information on a product that fully supports your telomere health, click here.

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It’s the most significant breakthrough in the history of anti-aging medicine.

In fact, it gives the word “anti-aging” an entirely new meaning: literally staying young.

For the firstt time in the history of technology, we have the ability to influence the genetic clock. The very reason we age has been exposed, and first steps have been taken toward altering it.

I’m going to show you something so powerful, people are doing something that no one else who has lived before could ever imagine.

The amazing power of this breakthrough lies in a genetic structure called the telomere. It’s the mechanism that controls the aging of human cells.

What are your telomeres? They’re protective tips that cap the ends of your DNA:

Previously, it was known only that without telomeres, chromosomes stick to one another, undergo structural changes and generally misbehave.1

In other words, telomeres protect your DNA.

But what we know now is that your telomeres are like a ticking biological clock. When your cells divide, your DNA replicates itself. But each time it does so, the telomere at the end of each strand of DNA gets shorter and shorter until they can no longer copy themselves, and the cell dies.

When your cells stop dividing and die, so do you. This process happens slowly, and it’s called aging.

Fortunately for you, telomere shortening can be affected by activating an enzyme called telomerase.

Telomerase takes control by rebuilding the end of your telomeres to remain the same length with each new cell division – in effect halting their ticking clock.

But more than that, stimulating telomerase is thought to:

  • Support immune health
  • Assist in decreasing psychological distress
  • Promote overall heart health 2

This may be the key to helping you live younger.


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