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Telomere Support Frequently Asked Questions

What is Telomere Support?

This is a revolutionary new ground breaking field on supporting your telomerase enzymes.

Ok. Now what's a telomerase enzyme?

Telomerase is an enzyme that has been shown to build and maintain the DNA and chromosomes CAP at the the ends of the strand of the DNA.

As you age that telomere, which is the overcoat, at the ends of the Telemere, become shorter and shorter to the point that the DNA and choromosome strand begins to unravel, which cause the cells to become less efficient at their functioning. Every single cell in the human body has a telomere cap.

The enzyme that actually builds and maintains this telomere cap is called telomerase. The decline and eventual DEFICIENCY of Telomerase is the reason why we age.

As your cells reproduce themselves as you live your daily lifespan, the body gets to a certain point to where it no longer is efficient in the capacity to function, meaning adequate amounts of enzyme.

An excellent video by the Smithsonian can be found at

How long do I need to take Telezyme before I feel any results?

The instructions say that you should take these for several years before you may notice anything.

How long will I need to take Telezyme?

This is pretty much for as long as you desire to maintain your telomeres.

Every time a cell replicates, its telomere will become shorter, eventually causing cell death once the telomere attrition has reached a critical length. It is estimated that human telomeres lose about 100 base pairs from their telomeric DNA during each mitosis (cell division).

At that rate the telomeres would be completely gone after approximately 125 divisions. Shorter telomeres imply a shorter life span for a cell, essentially giving it a finite lifespan, depending on the number of cell divisions left with each telomere.

It is difficult to know when your cell divisions occur, approximately once every 6-8 months. That is why you must have a perpetual supply of telomerase enzymes in your system to ensure that you have adequate amounts to support your telomere cap.

How long have we known about telomeres?

There have been nearly twenty years of research and study surrounding telomeres and telomerase enzymes. In fact this research resulted in a Nobel Prize being awarded to three scientists.

Nobel Prize?

Yes. The 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was jointly awarded to Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol Greider and Jack Szostak for the discovery how chromosomes are protected by telomeres and the telomerase enzyme

How important is this discovery?

This is simply the biggest breakthru in human anatomy – bigger even than the mapping of the human genome! Now we finally understand that the core enzymatic level is what dictates the life of the cell and it's ability to reproduce itself. Now we know. It effects everything else beyond that.

Is this a genetically modified product?


How about organic?

This is a totally 100% organic product and packaged in a vegicap.

Can this product prevent cancer?

It is too early to tell. We should stick to what we know as FACT and not get caught up in HYPE, or what it MIGHT or MIGHT NOT do!

We know what the telomerase enzyme does. It builds and maintains the telemeres that are related to the aging process. And we know that it has a tremendous influence on the cellular reproductive rate as well as the efficiency of functioning capacity of the cells of the body. This is what we know for a fact. It has been proven and verified and the nobel prize awarded for.

Anything beyond what we do know would be pure conjecture and speculation.

I've heard that enzymes are good for digestion. Does this help with digestion?

No. Telezyme does not assist in digestion. It does not substitute for good nutrition. And it is not a vitamin or nutrient.

Now if telomere shortening makes me older, will increasing telomere length make me younger?

No. This is not a Benjamin Button story. Every one eventually grows old and dies. However this product should improve the quality of your existing life and may increase your current life span.

So how much will it increase my life?

It is still to early to tell. Studies have shown that just by getting regular exercise and managing your stress levels, you can add up to 30% to your lifespan.

Then why should I take telomerase enzymes?

Do you exercise everyday? How's your stress? Why do you have a life insurance policy? Can you always take care of yourself in every circumstance? Need I say more.

How does lengthening my telomeres interact to raise my other enzyme levels?

We don't know and it's not proven, YET, but we believe so based on that it simply makes scientific sense.

Your DNA and chromosomes are in a spiral strand and it has a very specific order. The telomere cap is at the very end of that spiral strand and covers roughly 20% of the strand at the top and the bottom. The telomere cap keeps the strand tight and from unraveling.

Shoelaces have a cap on the end to keep them from unraveling and the telomere cap is similar to that. Shoelaces unravel at the end and it's the same for your DNA strand. It doesn't unravel in the middle – only at the end.

So when your DNA strand starts to loosen up and unravel, that's when it begins to lose it's efficiency of functioning capability. The more it unravels due to the shortening of the telomere, the more it loses its efficiency at maintaining enzyme levels, reproductive rate and cellular memory.

The longer the telomere – the tighter the DNA strand stays wound. The tighter the strand – the more efficient it is at functioning.

Are there other products like this?

No. There simply is not another product like this. This prodcuct contains the actual telomerase enzyme. Some only claim to be telomere activators. Others are just extracts of the Astragalus Root.

When is it available?

This product is available now and we have plenty in stock for immediate shipping.

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