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Plant Enzymes 270 Count - CASE of 12
Plant Enzymes
Plant Enzymes 270 count


Enzymes are the literal ‘life force’ of every bodily function. They can reduce toxicity in both the digestive tract and the blood.

Plant Enzymesare superior to other brands because they contains a unique blend of minerals that act as a catalyst to dramatically increase the usefulness of the enzymes. Why do we need to supplement with enzymes? It is because our diets are severely lacking in enzymes and our bodies naturally reduce the amount of enzymes they create as we age. In today’s world that adds up to a severe depletion in enzymes. Most economical size!

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Our diets are severely enzyme deficient. Do you ever eat food that has been cooked, baked, boiled, microwaved, or in any way heated or processed? Do you drink carbonated beverages? If you do, you are prematurely depleting your body of enzymes - its very life force. By taking Enriching Gifts Enzymes you accomplish many things. You increase your immune system function by reducing toxicity in the blood. You help increase your lifespan and your quality of life by preventing the premature wasting of Enzymes through the digestive process and you increase the rate of digestion and bio-availability which gives you better nutritional absorption. When your enzyme supply runs out, you die!  You do not get another chance to replenish your enzyme supply. Make sure you conserve and replenish your enzyme supply every day with this preparatory blend of Plant Enzymes.

Recommended Usage: Take 1-3 capsules 2 minutes before each meal. 3 capsules are recommended before meals containing proteins from animals. (Steak, Eggs, Turkey, Ham, etc.)
  • COMBINATION of 9 plant-based enzymes (enzyme activating) form minerals.
  • SUPPLIES complete digestive enzyme complexes so that all foods are broken down to their most useable form
  • REDUCES the burden of digestion off the body, allowing other functions to proceed unimpaired
  • ASSURES that nutrients from food or nutritional supplements are absorbed by the body through increased assimilation.
  • INCLUDES a delivery system that ensures enzyme activity in all stages of digestion and body PH ranges.
  • SUPPORTS proper digestion which enhances health, increases energy levels and promotes longevity.
  • REDUCES time between bowel eliminations thereby reducing toxicity buildup.

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