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ProBiotic with FOS 90 Count - CASE of 12
Pro Biotic
Pro-Biotic with FOS


Having good bacteria in your system is one of the key ways to improve digestive health and boost the immune system.

It also increases the absorption of minerals and reduces the toxins that can build up in your digestive tract and your blood stream. In this case it is FOS, a unique sugar compound that feeds the bacteria until they can become established and actually colonize in your digestive tract. Our diets and lifestyles actually promote the bad bacteria in our bodies. By introducing the good bacteria included in Pro-Biotic with FOS, you can crowd out the bad ones that cause problems with our health.
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Are you destroying your "Second Immune System"? Did you know that if you are over 20 years old and you eat one or more meals a day that contain meat-based proteins you have literally destroyed your second immune system due to frequent antibiotic ingestion? Pro-Biotics destroy bacteria just like antibiotics. However, unlike antibiotics which destroy all bacteria including the ones we need in our bodies, Enriching Gifts Pro-Biotics specialize in destroying anaerobic or parasitic bacteria. They destroy the "bad" bacteria entering your system from your daily diet, which is fed by refined sugars found in most products today. Pro-Biotic with FOS, has 8 "good" bacterial strains you need in your system to help suppress harmful anaerobic "bad" bacteria, improve absorption of minerals, and reduce toxins in your bloodstream and G.I. tract.  Our product contains "colonizing" pro-biotic bacteria to extend health benefits beyond daily use (unlike Acidophilus alone).  Each capsule contains the "good sugars", FOS, to feed the "good" bacteria for faster growth and success in re-establishing a healthy "Second Immune System".
  • ACTS on the body’s ‘second immune system’
  • PROVEN to increase digestion and elimination of toxic waste
  • WARDS off disease by suppressing harmful bacteria growth and eliminating potential floating immune complexes
  • HELPS SUPPORT and produce enzymes which are essential to proper intestinal function.

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