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What is Club TUKI?

Club TUKI (The Ultimate Kids Internet) is an online educational gaming site for kids ages 6 – 14. Club TUKI offers kids the opportunity to play fun, educational games and earn online “TUKI Moola” that is put into their TUKI bank account helping them to learn basic banking skills. Once TUKI Members have saved up enough TUKI Moola, they can go to the online TUKI Auction to bid on great items such as Wii, iPOD, posters, skateboards and other real stuff kids love.

How does it work?

Kids set up a free Club TUKI member account and play games. If they want to earn moola and win prizes, they simple upgrade to a paid membership for as little as $9.97/month or $97/year.

Who Is Club TUKI for?

Club TUKI is designed to be a safe online game site where parents feel comfortable having their children play educational games. Club TUKI also offers with membership a kid safe browser that limits the websites children can acess. Children will only be able to visit pre-approved and parent approved sites.

Why was Club TUKI created?

When CEO, Greg Writer, found his daughter accidentally landing on an adult site, he freaked out like most parents would and was determined to find a way to protect his children from being exposed to inappropriate content online. Since he had the technology team and internet savvy, he developed a robust kid safe internet browsing software, kid safe email and safe educational gaming site.

Is it safe?

Club TUKI’s primary mission is to provide a safe environment online where parents know their children are safe. Some of the safety features of Club TUKI include:

    • TUKI Kid Safe browser is offered with paid memberships for parents to download and provide a safe parent-controlled internet browser.
    • TUKI Email: Every child who registers for Club TUKI receives a parent approved buddies only email account.
    • Club TUKI Internet Safety Games: These games educate children on how to deal with bully’s, how to know what is safe online, when to get parents involved and what to be aware of online and offline to empower their safety as well.
    • TUKI TV: Safe video sharing site for kids.

How much does it cost to play?

Club TUKI is free to play, explore and email with friends. The TUKI Auction where children bid on prizes with their Moola earned from playing the games requires a membership.

What are the benefits of Club TUKI?

When your child visits Club TUKI he/she will have fun at our safe online portal while learning valuable LIFE skills as well as academic knowledge. We stress the importance of giving your children life saving skills that will keep them safe online and in the real world. Furthermore, by earning, managing and using their TUKI moola, they are learning financial skills of banking, credits, debits, balances and bidding.

We also offer Member parents access to our CEN Academy which offers training on powerful topics including: health, personal finance, parenting tools, home based business development, online and social media marketing.
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Club TUKI kids club
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