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Coral Life - Coral Calcium 90 Count - CASE of 12
Coral Calcium
Coral Life


Calcium is one of the most important minerals for good health. The problem is that most calcium sources are very hard to digest, making it almost impossible for the human body to utilize this wonderful mineral.

That problem has been solved by making available true Coral Life Calcium. The difference between ours and other products that use the name is that ours is harvested, processed and packaged without ever coming in contact with air. This prevents the calcium from turning into marble. In addition to that we add Citric Acid, Vitamin D and Ionic minerals to ensure your body can absorb it and utilize it to maintain strong bones and teeth, reduce arthritis, and helps the body maintain a more neutral PH, thus reducing the chances of developing cancer.

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Calcium is one of the single most important minerals for your good health. oral Life offers you the most bio-available form of calcium known. It is COMPLETELY absorbed by your body, unlike synthetic products or calcium carbonate (which is the chemical name for marble). It neutralizes acid and maintains pH balance throughout your body and contributes to the strength, health, and function of every single cell.
  • Derived from the Coral Reefs in Okinawa, Japan; it is easily digested in the body (unlike other calcium supplements) where it neutralizes the acid and helps keep the body in an alkaline condition
  • Helps to maintain strong bones and teeth
  • Reduces your risk of acquiring osteoporosis, and various forms of arthritic conditions
  • Helps your body utilize minerals more effectively
  • Calcium is known to activate the enzymes within more than 300 cellular activities and metabolic actions.

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